15 Best Strategic Android Games

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15 best strategic Android games

One of the most popular gaming genres has been the Strategy category. We all grew up playing games like Age Of Empires, Warcraft and Rise Of Nations on our desktops. Who doesn’t love to take control of a simulated world and use their brains to build and plan everything, growing their “empire” piece-by-piece! Everybody gets intrigued when it comes to challenging their minds to test how creative they can be while solving intricate puzzles.

Developments have been fast and Strategy game makers have ensured to yield the inner-geek of every game lover. With the introduction of mobile phones and interactive operating systems like Android, the gaming market has taken a huge leap and so has the hunger for latest games. From kids to teenagers, everyone wants to be a part of the most recent trends in the gaming universe. Game developing companies like Supercell have understood these arising requirements pretty well and has been benefitting ever since.

Today, we assemble a list of the most popular strategic games of the current year:

1. Clash of Clans

android games- clash of clans

A masterstroke from gaming giants Supercell Games, Clash of Clans or popularly known among its users as COC is one of the most popular Strategic games ever created. With over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store, COC takes up our number 1 spot and it has been doing that for quite some years now.
The game starts with a village that is in dire need of a Chief (which is YOU, of course). It is set around a fantasy world with characters like the barbarians, wizards, archers, giants, minions and many more. The main objective of the game is to attack different villages and acquire their gold and elixir. Users can also join clans to team up with other players and take part in wars to attack other clans.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store (with in-app purchases)

2. Clash Royale

Another hit of the decade from the creators of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale has been following the footsteps of its sibling pretty well. It has already racked up a 100+ million downloads since its initial launch in January 2016 and has been gaining followers ever since. Unlike its forerunner, Clash Royale is a card game with an objective to create the most powerful deck. Players are to challenge opponents in an Arena with their choice of deck and try to capture the opponent’s crowns. The player with the more number of crowns left in the end wins.

The game has similar characters and powers as that of COC and can also join clans. The players can also avail the 2v2 feature and play with or against their friends. With every win players are awarded with trophies and certain collectibles.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store (with in-app purchases)

3. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

After dominating the Steam world, Tencent Games decided it’s time to showcase their masterpiece on the Android platform and boy-oh-boy did it bomb the gaming world. Launched back in March 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has already acquired over 50 million downloads.

The game involves a clash among 100 players in a common battlefield, battling out to be the last-man-standing. Players have dropped off an airplane on an 8×8 km isolated island and the key to win it all is to survive. Players can avail resources like weapons, medical kits, transport, etc.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store (with in-app purchases)

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4.  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Based on the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) concept, Mobile Legends is a 5v5 squad battle competition game. Very much similar to the interface and structure of DOTA, this game offers its players an intriguing 10 minute battle with features like Laning, jungling, tower rushing and team battles.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store (with in-app purchases)

5. Vainglory

Another MOBA blockbuster, Vainglory is filled with interesting characters like dragons, epic heroes and many more. Players have the freedom to compete individually or involve themselves in a 5v5 battle. The game invokes a strategical depth and has so far gained over 100 million users.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store (with in-app purchases)

6. Age of Civilizations

It is a cross between a strategy and a board game and indulges its players to conquer other civilizations. Age of Civilizations offer storylines based on World War I, World War II and also the modern world with 193 civilizations across 2 planets.

Availability: $2.14

7. Machines at War 3

Boasting a great gameplay and believed to be one of the best RTS games of all time, Machines at War 3 is a highly addictive game. The storyline is to save the world’s scientists by building the high tech machines with the resources at your dispense. It comes with an online multiplayer mode and 130 units and tech options.

Availability: $6.99

8. Plague Inc

This game has one of the most unique storylines. The main objective is to create a powerful virus and infect the whole world with it. Players will have 12 disease types to choose from.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store (with in-app purchases)

9. Star Wars™: Force Arena

Under the banner of Netmarble, this game is based on the evergreen Star Wars series. Create your own squad and fight against the villains of the galaxy. It has a wide character collection and demands a lot of thinking and planning to execute the blueprints of battle.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store (with in-app purchases)

10. Mafia City

All of us have been fascinated by the world of Mafia at least once in our lifetime. With the obsession of Don Corleone and Godfather, we too once craved for that kind of power and respect. Mafia City is an underworld strategy game where the objective is to build a powerful mafia clan and to rule the city. Fight against the rival gangs to earn that crown of the Mafia King.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store (with in-app purchases)

11. March of Empires: War of Lords

Based on our beloved Age of Empires series, this game is set in the Medieval period with outraging battles. Build an unbeatable army to defend your castles and fulfill the thirst of conquering your rivals.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store (with in-app purchases)

12. Last Shelter: Survival

Play with players from across the world and save your last shelter by fighting against one big common enemy: ZOMBIES. Build customizable weapons and take charge of your team to fight off the blood-feasting cannibals.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store (with in-app purchases)

13. World War 3: European Wars

Take the baton as the Commander of your army and battle against your European enemies to taste glory and assert dominance across the continent.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store (with in-app purchases)

14. World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO

Time to rewrite history. Play as the General and with the aid of your Panzers and Aircrafts against real players around the globe in this mind-blowing MMO environment.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store (with in-app purchases)

15. Boom Beach

Another blockbuster game under the banner of Supercell, Boom Beach has a similar concept to that of COC. Raid opponents to loot their bases with minute planning and accurate execution.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store (with in-app purchases)






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