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If you would have asked anyone ten years ago regarding the role of handheld devices, they would have guessed it wrong. Today smartphones are woven very deeply into our everyday lives. While it is a nearly impossible task to list all the great apps. Here are 20 list of 20 Android Apps.

Nova Launcher

I had to include Nova Launcher in the list because it seems to extend beyond what standard launchers do. Nova launcher has been around for years, and it’s been updated on a regular basis, and thus it’s an excellent option as a launcher replacement. It comes with a bevvy of features, including the ability to backup your home screen setups, a theming engine for all your apps, tons of customisation home screen, app drawer, and more. You can even make your device look like the Pixel Launcher (Stock Android) if you want to. If you decide to go premium, you can have gesture controls, count badges and swipe actions. Basically, it is the best one there is

Google Duo

Duo was part of a package deal. Google released it in 2016 along with Allo. While the messaging app Allo failed to create an impact, Duo is a different story altogether. The app features a straightforward user interface which you sign up with just your phone number. The app also includes a nice feature in the form of “Knock Knock”. It also the receiver to see what you are up to even before they pick up the call. The app also supports audio-only calls. Well, let’s say that there is a reason why it is the highest rated video calling app on the store.

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Pocket Casts

On a daily basis, we make choices in our lives, and they have their effects. But for those who enjoy podcasts probably have the most straightforward choice in regards to which podcast app to have on their device. The answer to that is Pocket Casts. This immeasurably stable and reasonably good-looking app allows you to stream or download various podcasts as per your command. The app features both video podcast and audio-only support so you can catch up on your favourite podcast with no worries. There is also an option for a dark theme if you are a fan of that, a sign-in feature that syncs your podcasts across devices, and a pretty robust recommendations function. It’s the last podcast app you’ll ever have to download and one of the best Android apps out there.

Solid Explorer

File browsing is not everyone’s piece of cake but inevitably has (or wants) to do it. So why not do it with a capable and fantastic file browser. Solid Explorer is pretty much at the top of the file explorer apps realm. It features Material Design, archiving support and it supports the most popular cloud services. It can even please the power users with stuff like FTP, SFPT, WebDAV, and SMB/CIFS support. In Short, It’s stable, looks and great and works exceptionally well. You get a 14-day free trial, but ultimately the app will cost you about $1.99 which is reasonable. It’s one of those apps everyone should have.



All phones come with a preinstalled texting app. That’s common knowledge. But frankly, those apps usually aren’t perfect. Well, Textra is among the most robust Android messaging apps. It covers the basics pretty well. You can send SMS and MMS messages. The app includes group texting feature. The app also has a theming engine built in. You can choose between dark or light background, a primary and an accent colour. Thus, no two Textra setups will look alike unless you want to make them. In addition to this, there also exists a helpful bot within the app to deliver the news. It’s probably better than your stock texting app.

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I’ll agree that TickTick isn’t as popular as some of the other To-do List apps. However, it just might be the best one. It covers the basics of recurring tasks, reminders, notifications, numerous organisational features, and categories as good as any of them. The app allows you to share duties and entire classes with your friends and other people. This makes it an ideal app for family use, small work teams, or any other such groups. It’s also. All of the good stuff that I just mentioned comes with the free version. There is also a premium version which is mostly for more massive businesses and ventures

Materials Gallery

This app is not made for general consumers but developers. Made by Google. The app is intended as a collaborative tool for uploading design work, getting feedback quickly and efficiently. The companion app is supposed to let you review, share and provide feedback on designs right from the phone.

Trips by Lonely Planet

Trips by Lonely Planet is a visually breathtaking way to share your travel experiences or see those shared by fellow travellers. At its core, it is a journaling app designed for globetrotters. Create a new trip within the app, give its title, subtitle and a cover photo, then add your choice of pictures and maps. Per your choice, your trips are either kept private or shared publically. Your trips can be edited after being posting, and of course, you can view other people’s journeys. There is the added element that you can follow fellow travellers, so you’ll see new trips they post, but mostly this is about seeing the world from your phone and sharing your journeys with the world.


Zedge is one of the simpler apps on this list. It’s a wallpaper, ringtone, notification tone app that gives you an unbelievable number of options to customise the most fundamental parts of your laptop. On top of that exhaustive collection, Zedge will promote specific items during the holiday season making it easy to spice up your phone up for Christmas and other such holidays. Well, It’s not a 100% perfect app. It does have that occasional bug and some irritating advertisements. In addition to this, their wallpaper selections may not be suited for higher resolution displays coming out in recent years. However, no other app in the Play Store does ringtones, notification tones as good as Zedge.

Google Opinions Rewards

While many of them are free, some of the apps on this list require you to pay actual money. While some of them opt for the freemium model, i.e. offering some features for free while charging a fee for some additional ones. If you’re a skinflint, that’s a problem, which is why Google Opinion can be your be your new best friend. Complete short surveys for Google and you’ll be given credit to spend on the store. The amount can be anything, but it all adds up and no survey takes longer than a minute or two. Seriously, it is a good deal


This is a tricky one. Tasker is an excellent application if you have the time and patience to learn it. The app allows users to create custom commands and then use them in various scenarios. There is an extensive library of apps that have Tasker support built in, and you can use Tasker to even create very complex commands for NFC tags. Frankly, It’s difficult to explain what this app can do because it can do so many different things. Between the app support, additional plugins, and the sheer monstrosity of stuff that you can do, there aren’t many apps out there as useful as Tasker.


SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the most customizable and powerful keyboards on the store. It came in the market several years ago with predictive engine unlike anything else, and the app has been on the rise over the years. It’s a free download and if you want you can purchase additional themes for it. Other features include a dedicated number row at the top of the keyboard, SwiftKey Flow which allows for swipe typing, multiple language support and cross-device syncing of your library. It’s the crème de la crème of the keyboard space. While Microsoft owns SwiftKey now, but so far they have not messed with it.


In today CyberSpace a single person manages more than one account.With that comes, the need to balance more than one password. In this situation, LastPass becomes one of those must-have apps. It’s a password manager that allows you to save your login credentials safely. Not only this, it can generate seemingly impossible passwords for you for your accounts. A master password then controls all this. The app features cross-platform support so you can use it on laptops and mobile phones. There are other password managers, but LastPass feels like it’s always one step ahead of the competition. Additionally, the premium version is cheap.

Google Assistant

It should come as no surprise that Google Assistant is one of the most if not the most powerful Android apps. Considering that Google makes it works on most Android devices. You merely download the thing and enable it. From there, you can ask it whatever your mind comes it with. It also supports an extensive library of system commands. You can control lights, and it can even do simple mathematics-related problems. There are a variety of other products like Bose QC II Bluetooth headphones, Google Home that extend the functionality even further. While the hardware stuff will cost you money, but Google Assistant is free. Amazon Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana are some another excellent apps in this space, but they don’t have integration with the device as Assistant does.

Google Drive Suit

Chances are you are already familiar with this one. Google Drive is a native cloud storage solution available on Android (and iOS) where users get around 15GB of storage for free permanently upon signing up. There is an option for more if the need arises. What makes Google Drive click is the slew of Android apps that come attached to it. They include Docs, Sheets, Google Photos, Gmail and Google Keep. Between the productivity apps, the Photos app (which allows for unlimited photo and video backup in native resolution for users), and Keep for note taking, you have apps at your disposal for literally everything regarding productivity. Some of the additional features include live collaboration and Microsoft Office compatibility. Microsoft has a similar thing going with Office and OneDrive. However, Google’s solution is just more comfortable and elegant to use.


In today’s world, no one wants to be offline. But if you are broke you don’t have a generous mobile data plan, logically you’re going to want to use Wi-Fi as much as possible, but finding good, free Wi-Fi can prove to be a daunting task. Well, WifiMapper is the solution to your problem. Crowdsourced maps where the community shares where to get free Wi-Fi, you don’t entirely have to rely on your mobile data again.

Otter Voice Notes

There is no shortage of note taking apps in the store. But sometimes you don’t have time to take notes. In that case recording audio can come in handy, but often that means spending extra time transcribing it later. Not if you have Otter Voice Notes. The app automatically transcribes what’s spoken using AI. Once the transcribtion is done, you can read it yourself correct any mistakes. Additionally, the recorded audio is also kept, so you have the option to listen to the recording as well. You can create groups, which allows you to share the recordings with other people, and all of your recordings are cloud stored so you can access them anywhere and they won’t fill up your phone.


Life is all about the little things and it is the little things that we most often forget.Well, Notin is here to help you deal with that problem. Notin helps you remember you remember things like things you need to do, a random number we do not want to save, contact details etc. You are notified through notifications and not through some pop-ups or rings. The app is simplicity at it’s best.


With so many options at our disposal, it can get confusing where to get your food from. If so, Zomato is here to help. The app shows you nearby restaurants in a list or on a map, and you can even filter the results. Only want to see Chinese restaurants? No problem. Want outdoor seating? That’s fine too. There is also the feature of ‘collections’, which highlights the restaurants that fit a specific theme, such as ‘great breakfasts’ or ‘celebrity chefs’. This being a food delivery app, you can see the opening times, pictures, reviews and ratings from other users of Zomato, menus, contact details etc. Zomato also has a social side. It allows you to follow other users, notifying you when they review a restaurant. In short, zomato has a lot to offer.

Poweramp Music Player

While the world is slowly moving towards the streaming world, but for someone with a vast media files library a Spotify or play music subscription doesn’t mean anything. But the chances are pretty solid that you won’t be sticking with the bundled audio player either, which is almost always universally dire. Poweramp, on the other hand, is a brilliant app. It supports virtually every file types, includes a ten band graphical equaliser, separate adjusters for bass and treble and the app automatically seeks out the album art and – most importantly – it looks great while doing it. Paying £3.39 for an app which replicates functionality already on your phone seems like a tough sell, but after the free trial, you might just be tempted to pay up. It is that good.

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