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split large outlook pst files into smallet parts

Learn Quick Tips to Split Large Outlook PST Files into Smaller Parts

Microsoft Outlook is one of the premium email client application. It is one of the popular email client application among large and medium scale organizations. Outlook provides multiple functionalities such as emails, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, appointments etc. One can easily use Outlook with other Microsoft technologies such as Exchange server, Office 365 etc. But…
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speed up ubuntu

10 Best Ways to speed up Ubuntu 18.04

speed up your Ubuntu 18.04 The Ubuntu 18.04 is the latest Ubuntu publication, developed by Canonical. A very dashing and dynamic, this latest distribution is treat for Linux enthusiasts and has taken the computing world by storm. But with the passage of time, the Ubuntu 18.04 may become stagnant and start lagging. Here, we talk…
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recover corrupted memory card

6 Simple Ways to Fix and Recover Data from Corrupted Memory Card

As the need for digitization increases in this modern era, so does the need for the latest external hardware drives. In a time of dual lens cameras and 4K video recordings, the size of files and media has increased and soared to new heights. Nobody likes to crowd up their internal memories of phones or…
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Salesforce Cisco Integration

Key Features to Look for in a Salesforce Cisco Integration

Investing in a robust CRM like Salesforce is one of the best decisions a business can make. These days where customer experience drives business success, leverage technology like Salesforce indicates a commitment to delivering great service and contributing meaningfully to the success of your customers. Salesforce has allowed companies to build tech stacks that truly…
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Boost android smartphone

Best Ways to Speed up an Android Phone

If you had to guess the one thing without which the modern world could not survive. What would you pick? While some of you might think about the Internet, computers but I am confident that most of you would look at your smartphone and guess mobile phones. Today smartphones are part of the very fabric…
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