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Best android apps for disabled people

10 best android apps for disabled people

From the old age, people have been working towards medicines and tracking down how certain diseases or impair abilities can be managed. With the introduction of modern technology, it has become eminent to create and develop applications or softwares that can be utilized towards achieving the same objectives. Thus, here we take an account of…
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top government apps

Top 10 Government Apps to use

With an ever-increasing mobile Indian population, our Government is hard at work at deploying various mobile Apps for the convenience of Indian. Nowadays you can find almost all the services provided by the government at your fingertips. Today we are going to discuss 10 of the top apps made available by the government. 1) BHIM…
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Salesforce Cisco Integration

Key Features to Look for in a Salesforce Cisco Integration

Investing in a robust CRM like Salesforce is one of the best decisions a business can make. These days where customer experience drives business success, leverage technology like Salesforce indicates a commitment to delivering great service and contributing meaningfully to the success of your customers. Salesforce has allowed companies to build tech stacks that truly…
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WooCommerce vs OpenCart - Which one is better

WooCommerce vs OpenCart – Which one is better for you

Online store is gaining popularity day by day. Everything is moving online. Ecommerce players are making efforts to respond to their customer. But to create a successful online store and business, you need some important skills and tools. There is a number of eCommerce platforms out there. The eCommerce is huge and users have a…
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unified payment system- UPI

What is UPI and How does it work: The complete Guide

  UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface. It has been introduced by the Government of India as part of their push towards a cashless economy. Further, it has been designed to enable peer to peer to peer (P2P) interbank as well as intrabank financial transactions in real time. The system is run by the National…
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