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facebook updates

8 Facebook Updates- Brands Should Know About in 2019

Social media is constantly changing and adapting to the needs of users. When it comes to Facebook, the social network that started it all, these updates can drastically change the way the app is used, especially for businesses. 2.23 billion people log into Facebook each month with India topping the list with 270 million users.…
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web designing

How To Use Instagram for Promoting the Web Designing Agency

According to, almost 60 million photos get uploaded on Instagram on a daily basis. Web designing agencies are present all over the world and this is one of the most important reasons as to why it is becoming increasingly difficult for the agencies to build a wider audience base as well as get customers…
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6 Best Way to Get Real Instagram Followers for your business

What you might have noticed over the past couple of years is that Instagram has quickly outgrown the first impression as a fun app for the kids and now has become a serious marketing arena for the contents, to sell, network and build audience for the brands and individuals. It happens to be one of…
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Online Marketing- Email Marketing

Instagram Vs Blogging Vs Email Marketing – Optimization Tips 2019

Content marketing happens to be the most promising thing that businesses might do for promoting the brand of their choice. Everyone is well aware of the fact that more digital assets that you care to have, the better your chances are for performing in the online market. The challenge lies in knowing which of the…
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Windows defender

Windows Defender: Is it Sufficient to Protect Your Windows Machines?

  Microsoft has started bundling Windows Defender, their own antivirus, along with new versions of Windows. While this is a good step for users, is Windows Defender sufficient protection for our Windows machines? Is Windows Defender sufficient? The answer is not straight-forward. As Windows is the most popular OS around, it is also the most…
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