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Technology in rural india

How technology is transforming the lives in rural India

At its heart, India is a rural Country. As per the Census Data 2011, there are more than 600,000 villages in India. Hence, to realise the dream of a developed India rural development will play a crucial role. Rural development includes improved infrastructure, access to better education facilities, rural economic growth and provision of essential…
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tech skills

Top 10 Trending Tech Skills in 2018

The world around us moves at a breakneck pace. So it is natural to assume that the skills in demand change every few years. The skills that companies look for were very different a few years back. So we discuss the top 10 trending tech skills to have in 2018. 1) Machine Learning / Artificial…
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free vpn for windows

Top 10 Free VPN for Windows

  With the mass surveillance, hack attacks etc, the Internet has become a very dangerous place to be. While these are somewhat new, the old problems of cyberbullying and identity theft have also increased multifold. An increasing number of countries are censoring the Internet in their countries, and many like Saudi Arabia are also killing…
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Tor Browser

What is TOR and How Does It Work

  TOR stands for The Onion Router. Initially, it was a worldwide network of servers developed by the US Navy for secure military communications. Now, it is a non-profit organization working in research and development in the area of online privacy tools. Since the emergence of various mass surveillance programs being run by various intelligence…
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