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MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review: Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies in 2018

1) 3-D Printing: In Recent years 3-D printing is gaining a lot of traction. But for many years hobbyists and designers were the only adopters of the technology as printing with anything other than paper was expensive and painfully slow. However with advancement in printing techniques and reduced costs, 3-D printing has everything to became…
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Upcoming AI Projects

Top 10 Ongoing AI Projects that will Blow Your Mind

It gets harder every year to find a tech article without some reference to the word AI ( Artificial Intelligence). There is no getting around the fact that AI is the next big thing. While many well-meaning thought leaders have issued warnings regarding the dangers of AI. These dangers are not anywhere in sight. Not…
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Top code editors

Top 10 code editors for programmers in 2018

Top 10 code editors for programmers in 2018 The Technological Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the modern world. With Artificial Intelligence taking the world by storm and smart devices filling every void in our day-to-day lives, it is fair to say that Technology has made a world smaller and diligent. These…
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Top programming languages

Top 10 popular programming languages in 2018

Popular Programming Languages The modern era is filled with careers in the Technological field. Ranging from coding, web-hosting to web-development, there are various career options one can opt from. Technology has been rising its ranks almost every day and thus arising the need to keep up to date with its requirements and trends. In the…
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Machine Learning Future

How Machine Learning is changing the world

Machine learning is something that everyone seems to be talking about this days. Especially after everyday folks see the headline ” Facebook Shuts Down Robots After They Invent Their Language.”. Well before discussing anything further, let’s talk what exactly is machine learning is. Quoting Tim Mitchell, “A computer program is said to learn from experience…
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