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Windows defender

Windows Defender: Is it Sufficient to Protect Your Windows Machines?

  Microsoft has started bundling Windows Defender, their own antivirus, along with new versions of Windows. While this is a good step for users, is Windows Defender sufficient protection for our Windows machines? Is Windows Defender sufficient? The answer is not straight-forward. As Windows is the most popular OS around, it is also the most…
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best linux distros

Linux Distros: 10 Best Linux Distributions of all time

Linux is the fast and coming Enterprise in the world of system modulations. With each passing year, it has strengthened its foothold in the technological game with loads of free and Open Source Softwares (OSS) and that includes its fair share of excellent distributions or more popularly known as Linux Distros. Here, we have assembled…
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windows vs linux

Windows vs Linux: Which One’s Better Operating System?

Ever since Linux has taken a huge leap in the computing field, questions have arisen as to which is the better option for our computers. Is it Windows or Linux? Though this is a never-ending debate and there are a ton of users on both sides of the scale here, we try to make it…
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speed up windows 10

10 ways to speed up Windows 10

Regardless of the hardware, you’re running, a Windows PC slows down with time. This slowdown occurs because of factors like malware, corrupt registry and many others. All these can be easily avoided. In this article, I will tell you how to keep your Windows PC running like new – 1 Don’t load programs at Startup…
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linux commands

50 Basic Linux Commands You Should Know

Linux is a fast growing OS and several coders/programmers prefer to work in the underlying interface of Linux. Agreed that it isn’t one of the most user-friendly Operating Systems around but it sure does have its perks. Here is a list of 50 basic LINUX commands that any coder should know about: 1. vmstat This…
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