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10 wordpress plugins that integrate AI and machine learning in WordPress

11 WordPress Plugins That Integrate AI and Machine Learning on Your Website [Updated 2019]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are slowly entering our lives! AI is popular everywhere and if you are planning to implement AI and machine learning on your WordPress website, then we are here to help you. Today, we are going to discuss WordPress plugins that use AI and machine learning techniques that offers advanced…
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Mega Menu

How To Add A Mega Menu To WordPress In Easy Steps

WordPress is one of the most feature-rich platforms available for web development. A functionality which is not already present in a website can be easily introduced through plugins. Many people migrate HTML website to WordPress or transfer from other platforms only to take advantage of such benefits. One such beneficial feature is a mega menu.…
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Keyword research Tools for SEO 2018

7 Best keyword research tools for SEO in 2019 [Updated]

The core part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is keyword research. And if you want to make the best move then Keyword planning is a must. No matter who you are, an Entrepreneur, a Blogger or a web Developer there are few things that can affect your business. Keyword planning is not a one-and-done kind…
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WooCommerce vs OpenCart - Which one is better

WooCommerce vs OpenCart – Which one is better for you

Online store is gaining popularity day by day. Everything is moving online. Ecommerce players are making efforts to respond to their customer. But to create a successful online store and business, you need some important skills and tools. There is a number of eCommerce platforms out there. The eCommerce is huge and users have a…
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Outbound links can improve website authority and ranking

How Outbound links can improve website authority and ranking

The internet is full of internal and outbound links! Are you planning for outbound links SEO? If you are new to blogging, then let’s start with some introduction. Search Engine Optimization SEO is a technical and analytical process that improves your website visibility and Page Ranking! Off-page SEO is an important factor which helps you…
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