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Free WordPress themes for you

15 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2018

The first impression is the last impression. So, while creating a blog/website make sure you make a right impression on your visitors! If you are using WordPress platform for blogging, then WordPress themes can come handy. WordPress theme is the layout of your website. There are over 100+ WordPress themes available for every business. No…
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Imagine when someone asks you “which platform is better?” vs And you are like – “Aren’t and same?” This is a kind of “ugh” moment most of us must have experienced! And in case you thought there is no difference between the two, then you are wrong. And actually, it’s not…
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WordPress vs Blogger - which one to choose

WordPress vs Blogger – Which is best for you?

Hey Bloggers! Whoa! You made it here on time! If you are planning to start blogging, then Welcome on board buddy. We all have faced some kind of scary and daunting situations but trust me when it comes to choosing a right platform for your blogging career is more daunting! When I started my career…
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Keyword research Tools for SEO 2018

Best keyword research tool for SEO

The core part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is keyword research. And if you want to make the best move then Keyword planning is a must. No matter who you are, an Entrepreneur, a Blogger or a web Developer there are few things that can affect your business. Keyword planning is not a one-and-done kind…
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Top 10 free WordPress plugins you must have on your website

10 free must have WordPress plugins

WordPress, a free and online open-source content management system which is based on PHP and MySQL. It is indeed one of the easiest ways of creating innovative websites and blogs. Undoubtedly, WordPress is the most powerful Content Management System (CMS) today. It is a software which is designed for everyone! WordPress focuses on security, accessibility…
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