7 Best keyword research tools for SEO in 2019 [Updated]

Keyword research Tools for SEO 2018
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The core part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is keyword research. And if you want to make the best move then Keyword planning is a must. No matter who you are, an Entrepreneur, a Blogger or a web Developer there are few things that can affect your business. Keyword planning is not a one-and-done kind of deal, it requires patience and regular practice! So, today we are going to look at various keyword research tool for SEO.

“SEO is like a resume.
You polish it so you have your best foot forward.”

By Matt Cutts, Google

What is Keyword in SEO

A keyword is a particular word or a phrase that give visitors a brief idea about your page content. Keywords will help you to sum up the entire purpose of your web page. In other words, keywords form a part of web page’s metadata which helps search engines like Google to look for the keyword and rank your page.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technical and as well as analytical process. SEO helps to improve website visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It also helps to generate organic traffic and rank your website on search engine.
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Importance of Keyword Research

Many people tend- to take this step lightly and then they have to suffer the consequence. Choosing a keyword is not enough, you need to select relevant keywords so that it reflects the gist of the content. And to master the art of selecting right kinds of keywords is to plan accordingly!
Follow these steps:

  • Know your audience. You can reach people online.
  • Make a note of trending keywords.
  • Find out topics that people like to read.

This way you can connect with your audience and this kind of targeted approach will benefit your business. But not everyone can master these skills from the beginning. So, let me help you out with this. There are free keyword research tools that give you proper insights of various keywords and metadata.

Keyword research tools for SEO 2018

1. Google Keyword Planner Tool

One of the most popular keywords planning tool for SEO. Why? Because it is integrated with Google AdWords. You just need to create a Google Adwords account using a valid email id. After creating an account you can start using the tool for free.

It offers detailed information about keywords.
It is free.

If you want to analyze the performance of your website or keywords on other search engines, then you can’t get it.

2. Keyword Tool

Your competitors are trying hard to rank higher on Google! So, you need to be a step ahead. With this tool you can plan your keywords according to various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc and not just search engines but also YouTube, App store, eBay, Amazon!

Keyword tool uses one of the most popular features of any search engine “Autocomplete” to fetch keywords. These keywords retrieved by the tool are hidden in the Google keyword planner. While the free version gives you suggestion of various keywords, a pro version of the tool gives you a detailed insight of the keyword usage and much more. The tool not only helps in planning keyword but it also helps in pitching targeted set of audience.

  • A crucial part of Content Marketing System (CMS) and SEO.
  • Simple to use. You can copy as many keywords as you want!
  • Extremely fast and provides accurate data.
  • Provides you data from different search engines and save your time!

3. Google Correlate

What’s better than getting advice directly from the source! Google Correlate does that for you. The reverse of Google Trends is Google Correlate. In Google trends, you type a query and get a series of its frequency but in Google Correlation it’s reverse of it. You type the data series and get back queries.

The best thing about Google Correlate is that you can see which keywords are searched together! For instance, in above picture, you can see that people who searched for “smartphones” got a series of phrases along with the keywords. So, even if your keyword is “Smartphones”, you can focus on other important phrases or meta-data that you can use in your content.
Another very important thing about Google Correlate is that you can “Draw and search.” See, for example, Draw any kind of pattern you want to search.

And once you have drawn the pattern, click “Correlate” button and you will get the result!

So, next time when you find yourself in a keyword rut, then use Google Correlate. It’s free!

4. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator tool

This tool works best for any localized business! IMforSMB generates keywords from various category selection. There are total 3 steps to follow.

  • The first step is to choose a Business. Like what kind of Business you have.
  • The second step is to select services/ location of your business. This step is important because this tool generates keywords based on location.

Then comes the last step! Click “Generate Keyword” button and you should see the following screen. The tool will generate keywords according to the categories you mentioned. If you have a local business, then you can rely on this tool to find out where you stand.

5. KW Finder

This is one of the tools which brings hundreds of long tail keywords with minimum SEO difficulty! If you are looking for a tool that is solely based on keywords, then KWFinder is for you!

The best thing about KW Finder is that you can search keywords in any language and anywhere! Just enter your keyword, select location, and select language and click “Find Keywords” button. And you should see something like this picture given below.

This tool will get all the relevant keywords for you that can increase traffic to your website. Using “Question” tab you can find long tail keywords. KWFinder offers both free and paid plans but for beginners, free plan is the best.

  • It provides keyword management with some strategy.
  • It can also find hidden long tail keywords.
  • You can get rid of unprofitable, low traffic keywords.
  • You can also get localized results.
  • KWFinder gives you an accurate result.

6. SpyFu

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors then you should definitely try SpyFu. you can search for any competitors and get an overview of their SEO platform! You just need to enter your competitor’s website.

After entering the website you want to look for, you will get an overview of the site. So, with SpyFu you can keep a check on your competitors and as well as you can try some new strategies.


  • One of the best SEO software.
  • Discover your competitor’s SEO overview.
  • Look for keywords.
  • Compare your website with others.
  • Domain search.

7. SEMScoop

If you want to find amazing keywords with low SEO difficulty then you can use SEMScoop. You can search for your keyword and you will get SEO difficulty, estimated word count of top articles, related keyword ideas with just one click.


Free SEO Tools- SEMSCoop




  • SEO Difficulty Score
  • Advanced Links profile of top-ranked websites
  • Content Quality Score
  • SERP Analysis

I hope this will make your life simpler. With these keyword research tools, you can not only plan your keywords but you can also get an overview of various other SEO factors. If you have already used these keywords research tools, then let us know about your experience!


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