Instagram Vs Blogging Vs Email Marketing – Optimization Tips 2019

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Content marketing happens to be the most promising thing that businesses might do for promoting the brand of their choice. Everyone is well aware of the fact that more digital assets that you care to have, the better your chances are for performing in the online market.

The challenge lies in knowing which of the platforms or assets you are willing to use to have the most significant impact over people. Which one is the most promising one for you to choose? Will be it Instagram and social media, blogging or the power of email marketing?

The answer is quite simple and that is all. You have to use all these methods just for reaching out to target audiences.  A proper and integrated approach is always the best way for you to try out some new results that you are actually looking for.

The most difficult challenge in this regard is to address specified techniques for you to help these platforms working out for you and to let them complement one another in way to produce greater and best results.

Always remember to take a quick note at the tips associated with every method and see if you can actually utilize the same in own online marketing ways and campaigns. Right from improving email marketing to growth in followers for Instagram, everything depends on that.

Trying your way with Instagram first

Instagram always happens to be a great platform for just displaying videos and images to followers. Unlike any of the other social media platforms that you have come across, Instagram focuses only to the area of subscribers and will send out content directly to them.

So, the major success on IG has always to work on with building the brand and then trying to create some of the quality leads to allow you in ways to promote video or photos content to help with your brand.

Instagram Marketing-Techbleez

  • The IG goal is mainly to incite interest and increase the engagement level among the said follower. So, for example, if you own a flower shop, then make sure to send beautiful flower pictures that you offer in your place with a “click on coupon” link under the photo. It is often proven to be one excellent way for promoting interest and to gain immediate esults from ad campaigns.
  • Another major tip for the IG is mainly to create hashtags like #flowersformothersday #anniversaryflowers and more such simple ones. These hashtags are likely to work on IG right in the same manner it might have done on Twitter. So, the main purpose of the hash tags is likely to connect with others who might have expressed interest in the keyword group or said topic.

Using beautiful pictures and some of the hash tags are two major ways for maximizing the current impact on Instagram. So, make sure to get to try these tips for increasing result for this year in a great manner.

The art of email marketing

Email marketing happens to remain as one of the most vital aspects of digital marketing campaigns. Optimonster reports that nowadays, most of the business owners are just sending emails than never before and statistics will clearly show that this might continue to just increase with time.

Email Maketing- Techbleez

  • Some of the business owners have wondered if they might stop their email marketing campaigns and then focusing instead on video marketing or social media. While all these points are quite important, email marketing still happens to be the most critical aspects of the current digital marketing campaigns.
  • The main goal over here is mainly to address the email marketing game by outsmarting the competition by winning over the said targeted customers. For that, you can follow up some tips.
  • First of all, you have to be working the attire of being helpful and actually offer free incentive for clicking on their said links. You have to give some to get some. The services can always offer some extreme values now.
  • You can further avoid the sales-y language and try to be friendly. Try to be a friend if you want the business to grow to another level altogether. And make sure to not ask anything right in return.
  • You might even want to try any of all the possible tips to get to see results that you want to get or try and include them in same email. But remember that friendliness is always essential. Make sure to get them for their time and efforts. It does not always have to be hard or expensive to do.

Adding the notion of blogging

Blogging happens to be another amazing tool for all the online business owners out there. Through this current platform, you get the chance to create personal connection right between you and the readers that you cannot do on the main landing page. Blogging happens to be an informal way for hitting on pain points of audience for establishing rapport for them.

Blog Marketing-Techbleez

  • On way over here is by knowing the audience. You have to know them really well to address topics and problems, which might be important to them. Make sure to use multiple media types for covering the topic with ease.
  • Using various media types is important. For example, you can try creating video showing ways to cut flowers and an article on ways to preserve flowers for long.
  • By saturating the media content and blog with everything that readers might to be interesting, you are actually increasing the readership quality and quantity and raising the engagement level quite intensely.

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Using them all in best ways possible

There are so many creative ways and ideas in which you can always maximize the results. One way to work on that is by crosslinking the content from one digitalized asset to another. Let’s take an example. You can try to include link from IG posts to blog and vice versa. Just try to follow the norms for better understanding over here.

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