Why An Identity Verification Tool Is Better Than Traditional Methods

Identity Verification
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When you run a website that sells restricted products or requires your customers to be of a certain age, it is important that you are able to verify this information. There are many different traditional methods of doing this and these have been popular over the years.

More recently, identity verification API tools have been invented that can make this process a lot easier. Here, we are going to look at some of the reasons why this tool might be better than the traditional methods of obtaining this information. Keep reading to find out more.

Uses A Common Identifier

One of the main reasons that identify verification APIs are much better than traditional methods is that they use a common identifier. If you take a look at the verification serviced offered by cognitohq.com, you’ll see that the customer’s phone number is all that’s required to get started. The majority of people who live in the USA own a mobile phone and so they will be able to provide the number of this when signing up to a site. Using this number, you can then verify all of their personal information (such as their name, birth and address) to check against fraud and compliance.

More Secure

When you use an identity verification tool, you can be sure that the process is much more secure than the traditional methods. There is an added level of security as the identity needs to be verified using a phone and other traditional identity verification methods don’t require this. If you are looking for a more secure way to improve your KYC checks then this might be the right choice for you.

Provable Possession

Still not convinced that identity verification APIs are more effective than the traditional methods? Another advantage of this type of verification is that you are involving provable possession. Usually, the customer will have to receive a text message on their mobile phone and enter a code to prove that they are in possession of this device. This adds an extra level of security and allows you to prove possession and make sure that the customer is who they say they are.

Low Friction

The final way that identity verification tools are better than the traditional methods is that they tend to be low friction. This is because the way of identifying customers does not require intrusive information that they might not have on hand. Obtaining this type of information can take too much time and can also cause confusion. By using a mobile phone number, your business can have the customer identified in no time at all without too much intrusion.

Try Out An API Today

If you run a business that requires KYC checks then you need to make sure that you are using the most advanced tools. Often, when KYC checks are too intrusive or time-consuming, customers will become disinterested and move away from the sign-up phase of the site. To avoid this and encourage people to convert, you should make use of the newer identity verification API tools that are made to make this process a lot easier.

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