Apple vs TRAI fight continues, India may ban iPhone- Know Why

Apple vs TRAI fight continues, India may ban iPhone- Know Why
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Coming six months might cause trouble to iPhone users and they might face deactivation! Want to know why? Let’s see Apple vs TRAI.
iPhone maker, Apple and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) are amidst a bitter fight. TRAI regulates telecommunication industries in India by improving the efficiency and quality of services. The fight is over the SPAM calls and messages. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Thursday released “The Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation, 2018” is set to curb the on-going problem of unsolicited commercial calls and text messages.

This new regulatory policy by TRAI has escalated the on-going battle Apple vs TRAI. If Apple doesn’t step back and enforce the TRAI app on the iPhone, there is a possibility that telecom companies like Vodafone and Airtel can deregister the iPhone from their networks.

Apple vs TRAI

Apple is facing some problems in the Indian market and now, it has a bigger problem to face! This issue started when TRAI created an App called DND or DND 2.0 (latest). This allows users to register for ‘Do Not Disturb’ for pesky calls and text messages from commercial industries. But Apple refused to allow this app in the iOS App Store. And the reason behind the refusal was ironical, a privacy risk.

TRAI already has DND app on the Google Play Store and you can download the app though it has a poor rating. And TRAI wants to release a similar app for iOS but Apple refused any third-party apps to access call and messaging information of the user. This led to a point of contention between Apple and TRAI.

When it comes to the privacy of iPhone users, Apple takes it seriously. If Apple continues to resist TRAI DND 2.0 app, iPhones in India may face deactivation from 3G, 4G or telecom networks. There might be some middle ground solution. When we look at the scenario, there’s actually no big problem. Why? Whatever TRAI is trying to implement and what Apple is aiming at is basically the same thing. Both of them want best for their customers. On one hand, TRAI wants to curb spammy commercial communications on the phones, and on the other hand, Apple is fighting for the privacy of iPhone users. Apple is very clear on privacy, the company cannot allow any app to access call and message logs of users.


There is a possibility that the upcoming iOS 12 can be the middle ground. The new iOS 12 is expected to feature a smart algorithms structure and machine learning capabilities. This will allow the device to identify and block spam texts. It is also possible that the company may get an exception from TRAI and the Indian government in his case. Apple can show them that the iPhone already reduces spam with the iOS 12 release.


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