Apple WWDC 2018 – Best iOS 12 features

Apple WWDC 2018 keynote highlights
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The most awaited event Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 kick-started at San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, United States on 4 Jun 2018 with a keynote by CEO Tim Cook.
And if you missed the event, then here is the summary of the whole event where Tim cook and his senior staff introduced all new features of iOS 12, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and much more! And if you are a developer or if you are curious about the working of iOS and other software then WWDC keynote is not the end, Apple is going to take different sessions entire week! So, buckle up yourself and be ready to have more fun! It is a great opportunity for a developer to prepare themselves for iOS 12 beta version.


Let’s look at the highlights of the event

Apple WWDC 2018 keynote

WWDC 2018 was mainly about software and when we talk about iOS, the first thing that strike us is, yes, you are right, it’s nothing but the next big release- iOS 12

The best iOS 12 features

Apple wants to make sure that with iOS 12, all the features are available to wide range of Apple users and especially on the oldest Apple devices like iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Up to 40% faster App launch
  • Up to 50% faster keyboard display
  • Slide and take a picture up to 70% faster

iOS 12 comes with exciting AR features

A new file format Universal Scene Description (USDZ) is created to optimize sharing compact file across the system.
Measure App
It is one of the newest AR addition to iOS 12. Measure App makes it really easy for users to see the object in real world, measure objects, get the dimensions and you can also measure 3D objects! And with AR kit 2.0 you can share your experiences. Not just you but people around you can experience the same in a common virtual environment in a real time!

For you
Apple is going to make your memories even better! With a new tab “For you” in Photos.
Memories: For all your lovely pictures
featured Photo: This will highlight photos you took on the same date last year! Cool, isn’t it?
Effect Suggestions for your photos.
Sharing suggestions and much more!


Siri is also getting updated but not as per your expectations. With new Shortcut app, you can add your own actions or you can customize actions. And you can perform multiple actions as well. Siri will do it for you. You can also create your own phrases.


Apple is also focusing on users’ health. With a new Digital health app you can set a limit usage and screen time. This app will also give you more configuration options to Do Not Disturb. Family monitoring for concerned parents also gets new features!

FaceTime gets better

What if you want to video call 5 people? Or let’s say, what if you want to video call 32 people?
Surprised? Well, you might have got surprised but FaceTime is getting better! It makes use of a moving tile which display faces of people currently in the chat. When someone begins to talk, a floating picture becomes prominent. Emojis, stickers can also be used while live chatting.

MacOS Mojave


With more organizational options, MacOS Mojave is designed for everyone! Mac new version Mojave is inspired by a beautiful landscape called “Mojave”.
Dark Mode
Finally, Mac users will get dark mode feature just like Windows 10. The dark mode will just turn the taskbar, dock, and the chrome around your apps into a dark gray. This is all about Dark mode. No new exciting functionality in this area.

Mac App store gets new design
All new design just for you. Mac App gets redefined to make it easy for you to access. Mac App store now has bigger billboards with new exciting app collections. You can also find editorial contents!

But best thing about this app store is that two big partners are coming on board. Microsoft will soon launch Office 365 and Adobe is going to launch Lightroom CC through the store. So, get ready to see the new Mac App store.

Safari Privacy

Previous year, Apple blocked some sites from tracking your activities. This year, Apple is going to block social media websites like Facebook from tracking you across the globe using ‘like’ buttons. Apple is also trying to disguise Mac so that it is difficult for others to track your activities.


Apple watches are popular for their remarkable features. Apple introduces WatchOS 5 which has amazing features for you. The best thing about WatchOS 5 is it’s new automatic workout detection! If your heart rate increases, your apple watch will start tracking your workout automatically. And you can now challenge your friends for 7 day workout competition!
A new Walkie-Talkie app will be introduced by Apple. Users can record and send a message using Apple watch. With Siri Shortcuts, Siri is getting smarter! And last but not the least, you can view web contents using your Apple watch.

So, these were the highlights of Apple WWDC 2018 Keynote. You can also have a look at the highlights over here

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