20 Coolest Features of Windows 10

coolest features of windows 10
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Computers have come a long way and so have their Operating System. From the basic Windows DOS to the latest Windows 10, we have undergone an era of massive changes that have worked towards building an enriching work and entertaining environment for users.

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Here, we take a peek at some of the amazing features induced with the latest masterpiece of Windows:

1. The hidden Start Menu

Users have often complained about the new Start Menu indulged in the Windows 10 over the traditional squared Start Menu that brought a compactness to all the functionalities of the system. Though it is not possible to modify or revert back to the “old” Start Menu, you can pull a few tweaks to make it simpler. To do so, just move your cursor towards the current Start symbol and right click on it. It will pop up a textual version of the functionalities of the Start menu and assemble all the general features in one box.

2. The Desktop toggle

Although the introduction of this feature dates way back to the OS Windows 7, the Windows 10 to sports this functionality. This features comes in handy as it removes the midway clickings and hoverings to reach the Desktop with just a mere click. Users can reach the Desktop directly by clicking on the slimy silver rectangle placed beside the Date and Time quad.

You can also customize the fucntionality of this feature by using the “peek” characteristic in the Settings>Personalisation>Taskbar>Use Peek to Preview the Desktop option.

3. Shake Shake Shake

Another feature to show what a brilliant OS Windows 7 was, the Shake feature makes an appearance in Windows 10 as well. When your Desktop clamps up with multiple windows, you can select the window you want to keep and shake it to clean up all the unnecessary windows occupying your precious desktop space.

4. Rotate the Screen to your best-fit

Though not one of the prominent features of Windows 10, it is an interesting feature nevertheless. Users have the freedom to rotate the screen to their preferred alignment by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+D button at once along with any of the arrow keys.

5. Slide to shut your PC down

This feature lets you shut down your PC by just sliding down your desktop. To enable this, dummy a right click on your desktop then go to New followed by Shortcut. Type the below mentioned code line in the forth coming pop-up:


This creates a renameable shortcut on your desktop which you can double-click when you want to induce the slide-down option.

6. The ‘God Mode’

To indulge with the even the minute features of your PC, you can generate the God Mode. This feature allows the user to gain full control of the system and tweak it independently.

To enable this, create a new folder on your desktop and rename it as “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” and access the folder to enter God Mode.

7. Personalise your Tiles

To customise the Tiles in your Start-menu to your choice just right click on them and toggle through the pop-up to ensure the customization of your choice.

8. Make the Taskbar your own

Just right-click on your Taskbar and go nuts on the presets of Cortana, Windows’ schemes and many more.

9. The multiple window scheme

Windows 10 gives the freedom to its users to use the screen space to their wish. Drag any window of your choice to any border of the screen and select how much space of the screen it should hold (contrary to Windows 7’s half-sized windows). This feature can be indulged to multiple windows and enables users to work on them side by side simultaneously.

10. Go berserk on the hidden games

Got no work and want to kill some time? Well, worry not as Windows 10 has planned for just that. There are quite a few “hidden” games assisted by Cortana on Windows 10. To indulge in this fun environment just type “Rock Paper Scissors,” “Roll the Die,” or “Flip the Coin” in Cortana and get your mind rebooted after a fresh visual gaming experience.

11. Manage the Smart Home

To manage the Smart Home option in your system, search for Cortana Notebook and click on Manage Skills from the prompted pop-up. Click on Connected Home and toggle through the features to Enable Connected Home which enables users to take up control of all the connected devices and enjoy the features of Nest, SmartThings, Ecobee, Honeywell, and Hue as well.

12. Speech Recognition

No more typing of long emails and messages, Windows 10 lets you dictate your messages in one go. All you have to do is go to Settings > Time & Language > Speech > Related settings and click “Speech, inking and typing privacy settings”.

After this is enabled, you just have to press the Window key+H combination of the HotKey to start recording in any text field.

13. Customise the Command Prompt

This feature will be useful for only a handful of people but it, too, is an interesting one. To play with your Command Prompt’s appearance, just right click on it and click on Properties and go to Colours. Now, you may select any sort of appearance you want your personal Command Prompt to be viewed in.

14. Add a new Virtual Desktop

If you are a busy user that needs multiple windows to work on all at once, the Virtual Desktop feature is a very important one for you. To add a new Virtual Desktop just press the Windows key+Tab buttons together and click on the Desktop 2 icon below.

15. Mute your Notifications

This feature may be available on your PC as Quite Hours or Focus Assist which helps you to silence your notifications when you want a little slack to be cut off.Go to Settings > System > Focus Assist/Quite Hours and toggle through the available options.

16. Pin People

Kind of a speed-dial thing, Windows 10 lets you pin the important contacts to your desktop. Click on People and at the bottom will be the option to pin your contacts.

17. Set a fingerprint

This feature depends on the design and model of your computer. To set a fingerprint, go to the Security options and enable the fingerprint option.

18. The Tablet-mode

The tablet-mode debuted in the Windows 8 experience but Windows 10 has built into a more enriching one. Just click on the Action Center and enable Tablet Mode.

19. Windows’ very own AirDrop

Users can share any document or photo directly just like Apple’s AirDrop. To do so, just click on the Share option at the top and enable Turn On Nearby Sharing.

20. Cortana

Cortana is your vey own “Personal Assistant” which can guide you through any troubles or enquiries.

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