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e3 2018
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If you ask any self-respecting gamer, they would tell you why the E3 convention is so important. Every year during June, almost every game studio and many indie developers gather to showcase their upcoming titles. This year was no exception. While it is next to impossible to discuss everything announced in details. Let’s have a look at the important ones.


This year was crucial for Microsoft. It is common knowledge that Xbox is lagging behind PlayStation in the console wars. And, boy did they deliver. Microsoft’s gaming head Phil Spencer didn’t talk about the console much and allowed the games to speak for themselves. Microsoft had about 52 games to showcase around 18 of which console exclusives and 16 world premieres.

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a) Halo Infinite

The event started with the return of a familiar face (helmet??) of Master chief in Halo Infinite. Developer 343 studios showcased the game with the new “Slip Space” engine on Display which would power the upcoming halo exp. It was a beautiful showcase even though it was scarce on details. Sadly, no release time frame was given.

b) Forza Horizon 4

Next up is Forza Horizon 4, the game has a release date of October and set in historical Britain. The game features a new feature in which every vehicle that you see on the road is another player which adds a new level of multiplayer experiences.


c) Crackdown 3

The much-delayed game made yet another appearance at E3. This time there was gameplay footage along with a lot of Terry Crews shouting. The game has 2019 release date. Let’s just hope that there are no more delays. That’s because the game looks fantastic.


d) Gears 5

Another one of Microsoft’s console exclusive. Even though Marcus Phoneix is still there, this is the first gears game to feature a female lead in the form of KAIT. The game will follow Kait on her personal quest teased in Gears 4. The game is due out in 2019 and is an excellent showcase for the computational power of Xbox One X with detailed rendering.


e) Cyber Punk 2077

I just had to include this. After a small teaser all the way back in 2013. Cyber Punk made a surprise appearance at the Xbox Event. While no solid release date was provided, the sheer beauty of the city depicted was enough to blow away the audience. Considering that the last game CD Projekt Red made took home a total of 800 awards (Witcher 3) we have high hopes for the game.


Other than these there were a ton of new announcements like a new Battletoads game, Kingdom hearts 3, Ori and the will of the whisps. A sequel to Rising of the tomb Raider called “Shadow of the Tomb Raider”. There were expansion packs for Sea of thieves and Cuphead game updates. Phil Spencer also teased the arrival of next generation of consoles.
Overall, it is safe to say it was one of the best e3 that Microsoft had in a long time. But it is still a bumpy road ahead for Xbox.


Well, This year Sony and Microsoft kind of switched their roles. While Microsoft traditionally showcases fewer games with more emphasis on extended trailers and gameplay. Sony, on the other hand, showcases a plethora of games. This year Sony had four games in focus during their presentation.

a) The last of Us 2

We all knew that it was coming. The sequel of the naughty dog’s game is here and looks better than ever. In the sequel Ellie (the protagonist) is all grown up and is a total badass.


b) Marvel’s Spiderman

This one is Sony’s big hope for PlayStation in 2018. The Friendly neighborhood Spiderman has to fight iconic villains like Vulture, Electro, Rhino and the Green Goblin. The gameplay was excellent, fresh paced and showed how the developer handled the little things.


c) Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding looks like one bleak world, where the function of both time and place are called into question. The audiences were left with questions. The most significant one being will it be any good ??


d) Ghost of Tsushima

After being announced in 2017, the game got a gameplay demo at the event. The game is set during the first invasion of Japan by the Mongolian empire. The gameplay was breathtaking especially the opening scene in the first fight. Some are even calling it the most beautiful game of E3.


Other than this there was another game announced called “Control”. Also, Resident Evil 2 is also getting a remake. It was by no means a bad E3 for Sony. We have to remember that Sony has already critical darling games like “God of War” in 2018. So, the coming road is quite smooth for Sony


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