5 Ways To Raise Your Kids To Succeed In A High Tech World

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Since the industrial revolution, the world has been moving towards a technological revolution. New technologies have been cropping up every single day with a claim of simplifying life.

Parents, especially millennials are worried about how their kids can succeed in this high-tech world. Here are the ways you can do it to maximize your child’s success rate.

Teach Them To Code Early

Computer science has now expanded its roots into every industry out there. Millions of lines of code from different programming languages are what keeps these industries going smoothly and efficiently.

Teaching your kids to read and write good code at an early age will greatly maximize their chances of success. This is because, as most of us know, kids pick things up fast. If you introduce coding into your child’s learning from an early age, then they will learn it effortlessly and will master a few coding languages before you know it.

Programming languages like python, CSS, and HTML are easy to start with to teach your kids to program. It will be as easy for your kids to learn to code as it is to learn their ABCs!

Expose Them To Tech Tools

Exposing your kids to different tech tools will greatly help them gain a lot of much-needed familiarity needed to operate these tech tools. With the knowledge of these tools in hand, your kids’ lives will be much easier.

If you can afford an iPhone, a tablet or even a smart TV, then that would be an ideal place to start. Make sure you let your kids get acquainted to these tools and whenever you get the time, show them the proper ways to use them. This will mean that you don’t even have to try and teach your kids to use this hardware: they will merely pick up how to use the tools through play, which as we all know is the best way to learn anyway.

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Adoption Of Appropriate Guidelines

The growing of the tech landscape has corresponded greatly with too much liberty. This is a big problem as many of our kids are exposed to many weird things found on the net.

Things like sensitive graphic contents (e.g beheadings) or porn are some of the things that kids can be exposed to. This can be a cause of psychological disturbances to our kids and may carry on in their adult lives.

No parents would be happy with their kids streaming non-stop porn or live beheadings on their gadgets.

Appropriate guidelines should be adopted to avoid these problems (e.g. facebook implies kids should be 13 years or above to join the social network). Likewise, there is no harm in putting parental controls or locks on computers, if this is necessary. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Seeing Is Not Always Believing

In this age of social media, our kids can consume too much information from the internet. And at such an innocent young age, they might think all that they see is true (haven’t you heard of kids who want to be like Jack Sparrow when they grow up?)

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It is your duty, as a parent, to tell your kids not to believe everything they find on the internet since many people use the internet to spread fake news, hate propaganda as well as brainwashing young adults to extremist causes. The key is to teach your kids to be critical about what they read, and to take some things with a pinch of salt. Ask them to think about the validity of the sources that they access, and make sure they try and get a balanced view. This will not only help them to navigate the internet and its massive amount of information more safely, but it will also help them in their schooling.

Soft And Social Skills Are More Important

In this age of AI and machine learning, soft skills, as well as social skills, are more important now than ever. Despite the use of AI to simplify work, there is no supplement to the soft skills/social skills they can only learn from being around other people.

There is no robot that can make a good project manager (at least for now), so teaching your kids these skills will help them navigate this high-tech world with ease.

Make them perform domestic chores, let them join a nearby soccer camp or basketball team. This will help them gain those skills. Above all, make sure to guide them through all their walks in life, there is no substitute for a better parent. In other words, to learn to live in a high tech world, you need to sometimes step away from the tech.

This is not a complete list at all. There are many more things you can do to successfully raise your kids in this fast-moving world.

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