How to choose right domain extension

How to choose a right domain extension for your website
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People think that domain name is just an address for your website. Choosing a right domain extension is like choosing a perfect name for your company! Domain name is the foundation of your site and it is the first thing your visitors will notice. Selecting a right domain extension is a very difficult task. It will help you make your business competitive. Domain extension targets the right audience.

What are the domain name and domain extension

Domain Name
A domain name is an identification string that is owned by the registered authority. If you are planning to create your own website, then you have to register a domain name for your website. The domain name looks like or and so on. A domain name represents your website and allows users to access your website. There are over 19 million registered domain names and number continues to grow by the day. You can search for your desired domain here.

Domain Extension
In the year 1985, Domain Name System (BNS) was implemented and the top-level domain hierarchy was introduced. These included .com, .net, and .org. The most popular option, .com, is becoming crowded.

How to choose right domain extension for your website

How to choose a right domain extension

The purpose of your website

This is the most important thing to consider while choosing a domain extension. When you are working or planning to start an online business or a website then, you need to consider your ultimate purpose of the business! If you are planning to write a blog for an organization, then you can use .org extension. If you are planning to run your own business, then .com or .biz could be worthwhile. And if you have a blog just for the purpose of keeping an online journal or as a portfolio, then you can use .me extensions!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is an analytical process which improves website visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. SEO helps to generate organic traffic for you and attract the audience to your website. Well, some domains have great chance to rank good on a search engine because of popular extension!


Top-Level Domain (TLD) is the last segment of the domain. TLDs are used to target local SEO. There are about 200 different country code TLDs like (for the United Kingdom),
.in (for India),
.us (for the United States)

Different use of domain extension

.com (Commercial)
It is the most trusted TLDs! Originally, it was used for commercial websites but now, it is used for every kind of websites! Nearly 50% of the websites end with .com extension. If you are planning for an International website, then .com is the most preferable option for you.

.org (Organization)
This domain extension is meant for Organizations. If you own a nonprofit company, then .org is good for you.

.edu (Education)
This extension is mainly used for Educational Institutes and Colleges.

.net (Network)
Originally, it was used for networked websites but today it is available for wide variety of purpose. The .net extension is a good backup if your ideal choice is not available in the .com extension. “Net” implies technology and networking, so, it is a good choice for Tech companies!

.me (Personal)
This extension is intended for personal website or blog which have no commercial purpose. While creating a personal website or blog, make sure you go with your name because it is all about you!

.biz (Business)
It can be used as an alternative to .com but it is not a great choice.

Avoid wrong Extensions

There are many domain extensions available for you. Nowadays, your domain extension is not just limited to .com, .net, .org! There are a plethora
of other options like .design, .ninja, .online and so on. All these new options might be tempting but be careful!
Don’t fall into the trap! Extensions which are not very visible or popular will serve no purpose to you! So, avoid any kind of unreliable extension which you heaven’t heard before like .ninja or .guru

Aim for .com

If you look around, you will notice that every major website ends with .com extension expect the ones which are government or educational websites! It is the most popular extension. This extension is the most desirable extension and most of the people prefer using .com for their website.

What if .com is not available? 
If for your desired domain name .com extension is not available, then follow the steps:

  • Reconstruct your domain name 
    Experiment with your domain name. Try adding other similar words or use your name. You might avail .com extension!
  • Use other extensions 
    If a .com extension is not available for your desired domain name, then you can use .net or .me extension


Well, there are cheap domain extensions available in the market but be wary of choosing them. Some domain extensions are cheaper than other but not necessarily better than others! There is a high probability that cheap extensions are associated with spammers or have less credibility!

So, these were few tips on how to choose a right domain extension for your website. Your domain name and extension will decide the future of your website. So, it’s on you to make a right and informed decision! Considers these tips while registering a domain name for your site!


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