Top 10 Government Apps to use

top government apps
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With an ever-increasing mobile Indian population, our Government is hard at work at deploying various mobile Apps for the convenience of Indian. Nowadays you can find almost all the services provided by the government at your fingertips. Today we are going to discuss 10 of the top apps made available by the government.


It stands for ‘Bharat Interface for Money’.The app was part of a new cash-free India. The app is developed by National Payment Corporation of India. The app was intended to facilitate e–payment directly between various bank accounts. BHIM is different from other e-wallets in the sense that other e-wallets maintain an online account for money transactions, BHIM makes the transfer directly to or from the user’s bank account.

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UMANG expands to ‘Unified Mobile App for New–Age Governance’. Department of Electronics and Information Technology mad the app with the aim to promote Digital India among masses. It is an all in one app which provides over 100 different services such as bill payments, checking provident fund account, income tax filings and many more.

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3) GST Rate Finder

This app is for Entrepreneurs and businesses so that they could understand the newly implemented GST and the rates applicable to them. This app is the ready reckoner for all the tax rates that are levied under the umbrella of GST. The app was developed by the Central Board of Excise and Customs. The app is a great help for small businesses and startups which cannot hire a chartered accountant to look after their taxes.

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4) mPassport Seva

Getting a Passport was a headache for most Indian.But not anymore. To tackle it and some other issues, the Ministry of External Affairs developed this app for the people who are looking to get a new passport made. Other than this the app also offers several another passport–related services.

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5) Incredible India

There is a reason why our country is called “Incredible India”. The Incredible India app is there to help international and domestic tourists in accessing information about various tourism service providers. Some of the services include inbound tour operators, adventure tour operators, local tour, operators. In addition, the application also helps with information on places of interest.

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6) Post Info

The Centre designs the post info app for Excellence in Postal Technology (CEPT). The app is an attempt to make postal services more customer friendly. The Android app allows people to access tracking and delivery information for things like Speed Post, Registered Letter. The user can also get post office information like address and contact details.

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7) Indian Police on call

I am pretty sure the name makes it clear that the app helps citizens to locate the nearest police station based on their current location. The app has all the related information like the best route and distance to reach that nearest police station. In addition to this, the app also displays numbers to the district control room and the SP office. One can also make a call using the app in need of the hour.

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8) DigiSevak

Feel like doing some volunteer work. This app is the one for you then. Based on their interests and skill set, interested volunteers can sign up for various tasks within various government departments. Within the app, citizens can also evaluate the assignments submitted by other volunteers.

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9) mAadhaar

Aadhaar card is the identification proof to carry these days. And the mAadhar app aims to allow users to bring their Aadhaar card identity right on their smartphones. It’s the most significant benefit being that it enables users to share eKYC information with any service provider, anywhere without any hassle. Users can also share Aadhaar profile via a QR code.

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10) Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

As the name suggests, the app is an extension of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan campaign. The app allows the people to submit public issue related pictures to concerned municipal authority. All of the urban local bodies linked to the app, which can quickly pinpoint the exact location of the complaint using geo-location. If the issue still persists, users can give additional feedback

Download it at

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are many more at your disposal. This shows that the government is taking the digital initiative very seriously. But the problem is that many of these apps are not properly advertised, so the common man has little or no idea that these even exist. So this is something that they must look into.

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