WordPress vs Wix – Which is the best option for you?

WordPress vs Wix - Which one is best for you
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If you want to build a website, then WordPress vs Wix is not an easy decision to make! Both are popular website making platforms. They both have clean and elegant designs and layouts. But if you want to choose anyone platform between them, then what would it be? Let’s find it out today!


It is the most popular free open source Content Management System (CMS). No matter what kind of website you want, WordPress has everything in store for you. There are dozens of themes, templates, and plugins. You can customize your website the way you want!


Started in 2006, Wix has emerged as a popular website building tool. You can create your website easily.

WordPress vs Wix – Which one is best for you

This article is going to be a detailed comparison between WordPress.org and Wix. WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform. If you don’t know the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, then read here.

Ease of Use

I am sure, you don’t want to waste your time in learning! As a beginner, you expect easy accessibility and ease of use. Both Wix and WordPress are easy to manage but lets’ see who is going to win here!
Although WordPress is the easiest CMS it’s not the easiest publishing solution. WordPress, by default, doesn’t come with drag and drop page builder. WordPress comes with a visual editor which helps to edit content. It also has themes editor which helps you to customize themes.
In order to get complete control, you will have to get familiar with all menu and widgets controls. This might take some time. Though there are different themes available with easy to customize controls, you might have to get familiar with controls for advanced features.

It has powerful tools and makes it easy to create a website. Wix has a visual and user-friendly interface with simple drag and drops controls. If you want to build a website just by the mouse, then go for Wix. You can drag and drop any element, add and edit contents. Wix will help you design and publish your content without any coding skills! It is so simple and easy to use for beginners.

Winner: When it comes to ease of use, Wix is a clear winner. Even if you don’t know how a website is made, you can create one with the help of Wix.


WordPress vs Wix - Cost

While creating a website, the total cost is an important factor! The entire cost of creating a website to maintain it depends on the requirements of your website. So, we are going to list out pricing for both WordPress and Wix and let’s see who’s the winner over here!
It a free website building platform. But there are other costs involved. If you want to have your own website, then you will have to register a domain for your site and you will have to buy a hosting plan so that everyone else can access your website online!
There are thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins available to you. If you want to have some advanced features, then you might have to upgrade to premium themes and plugins. But for a beginner, free themes and plugins are like using premium ones!
Depending on your budget, you can choose your hosting plan. A basic plan with a WordPress hosting provider like Bluehost will cost you $2.75 per month and includes a free custom domain name for you. If you want to know more Webhosting websites, then read here.

The basic website builder is free. However, there are two major drawbacks to using Wix.
It adds Wix branded advertisements on the top and bottom of your site. In order to remove ads, you will have to upgrade to premium plans.
You cannot use a custom domain name for your site. Your site URL will look like xyz.wix.com/sitename. This means you do not own your website!

The basic plan does not include Google Analytics, eCommerce, etc.
Winner: WordPress. Because you own your website and you have free plugins and themes that will make customization easy for you!


The appearance and design of your website is the first thing anyone will notice! Therefore, the design and layout of your website should be unique and must define your brand.
Users can find dozens of free themes from WordPress.org repository! Though free themes have the limited support they go through a strict review and they are frequently updated. WordPress themes range from small business to eCommerce businesses. You can find a suitable theme for your website! You can also customize themes using Child Themes.
For paid themes, you can use several WordPress theme shops like Themify, StudioPress, and more.

It does not have many options for layouts. There are just 500+ pre-made templates to choose from. All Wix designs and templates are fully responsive. Using in-built tools and drag and drop features, you can easily customize layouts. But the biggest disadvantage of using Wix is that you cannot change template. You can modify and customize a template as much as you want but you cannot change template once selected!

Winner: In terms of WordPress vs Wix designs, WordPress is a clear winner because of its flexibility. You can change themes whenever you want! There is a plethora of free themes and plugins for you!


WordPress vs Wix - Online Store

What if you are running an online store? Selling and maintaining inventory is not easy at all. Let’s see how WordPress vs Wix compares in eCommerce.
It is super easy to create your online store using WordPress plugin called WooCommerce. With over 4+ million active installations, WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin. WooCommerce powers more than 42% of all e-commerce websites in the world. There are different e-commerce plugins for you! You can sell, manage and control your products!

It offers eCommerce but you will have to pay for it. Users with a basic plan cannot run online store! If at all you want to have an e-commerce website, then you will have to upgrade to premium plans! There are limited payment options and payment gateways. With the WixStores, you can accept payments using PayPal or Authorize.net.
You can opt for few third-party apps for selling things online. But those apps would cost you even more!

Winner: With WordPress, you can have different payment methods and gateways! You can manage your own online store easily. Woocommerce provides you with different payment options. You can sell anything, anywhere!

So, here is WordPress vs Wix for you! Analyze your website needs and make an informed decision. I hope this article will help you solve WordPress vs Wix dilemma. Let us know which one are you planning to use!



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