The most expensive phones of all time

most expensive phones
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If you think iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone ever, you are sorely mistaken. Luxury phones are in another hemisphere in terms of pricing and make iPhone X look like a peasant’s phone.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at the most expensive phones of all time-

10. Goldvish Le Million ($1.1 million)

The first phone on this list is the Goldvish Le Million. This phone was launched in 2006 by Goldvish S.A, the famous Swiss luxury mobile manufacturer. Further, the phone has been designed by world renowned luxury watch and jewelry designer Emmanuel Gueit.

Gueit is famous for uncommon and out of the box designs, and his signature is clear in this phone. This phone also held the record of being the most expensive phone ever made at the time of release, quite unsurprisingly I might add. After all, it’s body is made of stainless steel plated with 18K gold along with VVS-1 grade diamonds (total weight of 120 karats) encrusted on the gold.

Goldvish made only 3 of these phones, 2 of which were sold immediately after release – to businessmen in Hong Kong and Russia.

9. Diamond Crypto ($1.3 million)

This phone is made by JSC Ancort, a Russian company famous for combining luxury and privacy. And the Diamond Crypto does not disappoint on either front.

Peter Aloisson, the phone’s designer, has made sure that it looks worthy of its price tag. All parts except the Ancort logo and navigation key, are made of solid 950 platinum. Further, the logo and navigation key is made of 18K rose gold. Additionally, the navigation key has 28 round cut diamonds weighing 1.5 karats. Also, each side of the phone carries 25 diamonds, 5 of which are much rarer blue diamonds. All the diamonds on the phone weigh a total of 25 karats.

The phone runs Windows CE operating system. Additionally, it uses the TMS 320 VC 5416 encryption processor, which uses 256 bit symmetric public key encryption for all transmissions from and to the phone. All this technical jargon means that all calls, messages, e-mails etc are encrypted and cannot be accessed without authorization.

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8. iPhone 3GS Supreme ($2.4 million)

Goldstriker International is a British company headed by the famous designer Stuart Hughes which is famous for its luxury gadgets. And the iPhone 3GS Supreme does not disappoint.

Hughes spent 10 months creating this masterpiece before launching it in 2009. Its case is made of 271 grams of 22K gold. Further, the front bezel houses 136 flawless diamonds. The Apple logo is also made of solid gold studded with 53 diamonds. A single cut, extremely rare 7.1 karat diamond adorns the front navigation button.

Furthermore, the phone is packed in a beautiful single granite case decorated with Kashmir gold and Nubuck top grain inner lining.

7. iPhone 3G King’s button ($2.5 million)

Another phone on this list made by Peter Aloisson, the iPhone 3G King’s button was launched in 2009 and was the most expensive phone at the time of its launch. The name King’s button refers to the home button, where sits an absolutely stunning 6.6 karat single cut diamond.

The casing of this dazzling phone is made of 18K yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. And more than a 100 diamonds decorate it further. There are two combinations of lining at the edge of the screen: yellow gold and white gold lining. A total of 138 brilliant-cut diamonds are encrusted on to the white gold lining, surrounding the screen and home button.

6. iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose ($2.51 million)

This phone was Stuart Hughes’s answer to Aloisson for having snatched the title of the most expensive phone from him.

It has the same diamond as the navigation button as in iPhone 3GS Supreme. The bezel is made of platinum with 130 flawless diamonds weighing 97.5 karats in total, along with 4 pink baguette diamonds, each weighing 2.5 karats. The back side of the phone is made with 112 grams of 18K rose gold. Additionally, 53 diamonds are encrusted on the logo.

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5. iPhone 6 Amosu Call of Diamond ($2.7 million)

Alexander Amosu is Africa’s foremost high-end designer and owner of Amosu Couture. He also had somewhat of a fetish to put as many diamonds on a phone as possible.

The result of his fetish is the iPhone 6 Amosu Call of Diamond. The body of this phone is made of solid 18K gold. Small diamonds are encrusted on the back and all four side bezels. However, the most spectacular of all is the Apple logo on the back, which is formed by a massive 51.29-carat diamond cut to the exact shape of the logo.

4. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition ($8 million)

Another phone on this list made by Stuart Hughes, only 2 of these beauties were made, launched in 2010. One of them was purchased by the Australian billionaire Terry Sage, and the other by an anonymous buyer.

500 flawless diamonds, weighing a total of 100 carats adorn the handmade bezel. The backside is made of rose gold with 53 diamonds studded in the Apple logo. And the navigation button is made of platinum which holds a single cut 7.4-carat pink diamond. An 8-carat single cut flawless diamond is included in the package which you can replace it with.
This iPhone comes in gorgeous 7 kg chest made of a single Imperial Pink granite block lined with Nubuck top grain leather on the inside.

3. iPhone 4S Elite Gold ($9.4 million)

Another Stuart Hughes masterpiece, only 2 were made and sold to anonymous buyers.

The rear and Apple logo are made of pure 24K gold, and the Apple logo is studded with 53 diamonds.Its bezel is adorned with approximately 500 individual flawless diamonds weighing over 100 carats. Also, the navigation button is made of gold which holds a single-cut 8.6-carat diamond. A 7.4-carat single cut flawless pink diamond is available to replace the existing one.

However, it’s case is what makes the phone really unique. This phone comes with a solid platinum case, which Hughes polished with real T-Rex bones !

2. iPhone 5 Black Diamond ($15 million)

Another entry on the list that was designed by Stuart Hughes, this phone was made in 2013 on the request of a Chinese billionaire who asked Hughes to do something about his 26-carat black diamond.

And the result was the iPhone 5 Black Diamond. It has a massive 135-gram circa of 24K gold casing and sapphire set glass in the screen. The home button is replaced with the flawless single cut diamond from the Chinese man. Further, total of 600 diamonds is used on the chassis. And the Apple logo is studded with 53 flawless diamonds.

1. Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 ($95.5 million)

The most expensive phone in the world. Falcon, a private design studio is the designer of this phone.

Unlike the other ‘blingey’ phones on our list, the design of Falcon SuperNova is pretty simple. It has a 24K rose gold case along with a massive pink diamond studded in the back.

Falcon offers eight varieties of this phone depending on the gems: black diamond for $1.78 million; emerald-cut diamond for $2.43 million; blue sapphire, emerald, or ruby for $5.13 million; blue diamond for $35.1 million; orange diamond for $45.9 million; and pink diamond for $95.5 million.

Further, all varieties come with 3 case options – platinum, 24K gold, and 24K rose gold. Additionally, Falcon includes an additional encryption module in this phone, allowing encrypted communications on the phone.


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