How Outbound links can improve website authority and ranking

Outbound links can improve website authority and ranking
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The internet is full of internal and outbound links! Are you planning for outbound links SEO? If you are new to blogging, then let’s start with some introduction.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a technical and analytical process that improves your website visibility and Page Ranking! Off-page SEO is an important factor which helps you to improve website authority and ranking.

External Links

It is also known as outbound links. These links point to another website. When you link your website to related domains, it will help the search engine to understand and analyze your website. External links, direct users from different pages on your website. Outbound links are different from internal links, outbound links send visitors to entirely different websites.
When another site links to your website, it is considered an external link. If you link to another site, it is also an outbound link. If more websites link to your website, you can improve your website authority.

Benefits of External Links

Outbound links:

  • Allows search engines to analyze and determine about your blog because of relevant links.
  • It is the best way to build relations with Bloggers having same interests.

Outbound links can improve website authority and ranking

According to a research marketing firm Reboot showed a positive correlation between outbound links and page rankings. For the purpose of the experiment, the firm created 10 new websites. Each new website targets the same keyword. However, only half of these websites included external links to high authority sources. Reboot then monitored keyword search results for about 5 months. Each of the pages that contained outbound links to high authority sources ranked higher than pages with no outbound links.
Reboot concluded that relevant outgoing links can positively impact search rankings! So, let us get into the details.

Relevant Blogs

Linking your website does not mean that you must link your website with bad sites! Search engines keep track of external links. This helps you to avoid linking to spammy sites or bad blogs. Try linking with relevant blogs/website having the same niche. Link to trusted domains which have a good ranking. This will help you gain some potential audience.

Improves Popularity

External links help in determining the popularity of a web page. Search engines show most relevant results for your search queries. Therefore more outbound links to a page, the more popularity it gains. This will help to improve your Page Ranking!
Websites with zero outbound links are de-ranked by Search Engines. This will make your website look inferior and irrelevant which can negatively impact your rankings.
Including outbound links to relevant and popular sources can boost your reputation and help you improve the authority and ranking of your site/blog.

Boosts site’s value

No matter how good your site is, it will never contain all the relevant information on a topic. Therefore linking to relevant sources will increase the value of your website and provides visitors with relevant information! If you publish and link to quality web content, your visitors will trust your website. They will consider your website to be more valuable and informative!

External links Practices

Use Anchor Text
It is a highlighted text which links your site to another web page. When creating an outbound link, make use of descriptive keywords in the anchor text. Use text that describes the content of your page or keyword, this will help search engine to determine the content of your site/blog.

Avoid too many external links
Outbound links are definitely valuable, but overloading your website with external links will negatively impact your SEO. Make use of helpful and relevant outbound links! Look for natural linking opportunities. Link only when necessary and useful for your visitors. Too many external links might distract your users and affect your ranking negatively!

We hope that you understood the importance of external links and why is it the most important page ranking factor!

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  1. Nice areticle. Too many people fail to realize the value of outbound links and seem obsessed only with inbound ones.

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