On-Page SEO and Internal Linking | Everything you want to know!

On page SEO and Internal linking
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Some of you must have already started with blogging and others must be planning to start soon. Well, there are few tips for you, beginners! If you want to boost your website/blog, you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills. Don’t know about SEO? Then read about SEO here. Almost every SEO strategy works on improving your website/page ranking! Today, we going to learn about On page SEO and it can help you with your page ranking.

On-page SEO

This includes activities carried out on the pages you want to publish online. On-page factors include improves quality of your code, visual content, and user-friendliness of your website. On-page SEO refers to HTML and content of your page that needs to be optimized. You have just a few seconds to impress your audience. The design, content, visual impact, etc will help you gain some potential clients.

Importance of On-page SEO

While dealing with on-page SEO, you can tackle most of the technical issues by yourself. Managing contents, multimedia, keywords are all in your hands. Link building will be easy for you if the content of your website is awesome! Unique and genuine contents are always appreciated by search engines and users. This article will focus on Internal Linking and how can it help you achieve your goals.

Internal Linking

One of the important factors of On-page SEO. Internal links are the links which go from one page to another page of the same domain! Links play a vital role in SEO. Building and earning links from quality sources will strengthen your Page ranking. Internal linking will strengthen your keyword search and help search engines like Google to trace Keywords and rank them. Linking your pages with each other will give your audience a reason to stay put. Even Google will find it easy to crawl and analyze your website.
While Interlinking, try to include relevant keywords. This will demonstrate that you are proving some extra information to your readers!

Benefits of using Internal Linking

Increase Page Views
Internal linking help in keeping your readers for a longer time. This will definitely improve your page views!

Boosts SEO
Interlinking one article to another will help you in the broader way. It will increase page rank of your internal pages. Interlinks will also help you to build the relevancy of a page to a keyword phrase. Be patient, page views and visitor won’t increase overnight. You will have to wait and keep doing your stuff and eventually you will see a substantial increase in your page visits and views. Trying updating your old blogs and keep interlinking. Make sure you don’t overdo it! Stick to relevant keywords.
Follow these steps:

  • Make use of good relevant keywords while interlinking.
  • Don’t start linking every post unnecessarily. Link only relevant keywords/phrases and when necessary.
  • Use internal links in first few paragraphs or last paragraph.
  • Make use of anchor text while linking.

Links to avoid
Most of the people use the wrong strategy here. There are things you need to avoid.

Homepage: Do not overload your Homepage with links! Make your Homepage look good with few and necessary links.

Contact us: Keep your Contact Page strictly limited to Contact details. Not every page needs linking! Avoid linking top-level pages which are already linked with navigation controls.

Follow links

On-page SEO and Internal linking - Follow links
Best way to reach out to people. Use follow links so that people can easily follow your website and content. This will improve your page ranking. The Search algorithm used by Google is mostly based on Links!

Use right number of links
Well, there is no exact number of links you should be using. It depends on the length of your content. There is no magic number for internal links. Add as many links as would be helpful for your readers. If you have a content of about 1000 words, then minimum 2-3 links are good and maximum 5-6 based on your keywords and phrases.

Create unique content
This is a top-notch method that will help you boost your SEO. In order to have a good amount of internal links, you must have good content. A killer internal links require a killer content! Good design will have no effect unless you have got amazing content for your readers. When you create lots of content, you will have lots of links. And this will help you with your SEO.
You don’t have to follow any flow chart or any kind of formula. You just need a good content and relevant links on relevant phrases! Make sure your contents are real. Search engines rank plagiarised contents.

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So, this is all about On-page SEO and Internal linking! When you imp-let these tips, you will realize the Internal link is a cinch. It is not at all complicated or difficult to implement. You will get used to it once you know that basics right! Eventually, you will experience a good SEO profile and better website ranking using internal linking strategies.

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