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Top 10 Reasons to avoid free webhosting

Top 10 reasons why to avoid free Webhosting

We all love free stuff, don’t we? Cashback offer, discount, sale etc still excites us. But sometimes we end up compromising on the quality of the product just because it is free! This shouldn’t be the case when it comes to Webhosting. What is Webhosting If you are a blogger or a web developer or…
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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org | Detailed Comparison

Imagine when someone asks you “which platform is better?” WordPress.com vs WordPress.org? And you are like – “Aren’t WordPress.com and WordPress.org same?” This is a kind of “ugh” moment most of us must have experienced! And in case you thought there is no difference between the two, then you are wrong. And actually, it’s not…
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6 Things You Should Know before Choosing Any Web Hosting Plan

6 Things You Should Know before Choosing Any Web Hosting Plan Now the website has become very common and essentials for all businesses, persons, photographers etc to increase their online presence. The website has two basic things which help any website to become online. First is the domain name and another is hosting. Domain name…
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Best Free Web Hosting Sites in 2018

Free web hosting really? Who doesn’t love Free Website Hosting? Everyone loves free web hosting right. Are you going to start a new website for your blogs, businesses, portfolio etc? and you have already bought a domain for your website but when it is coming to hosting part, everyone tries to save money in web hosting.…
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