Amazing Tips and Tricks for Google search

amazing google search tricks
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To many people, Google is the only door to the Web. People use Google on an everyday basis for searching for all sorts of things. So to make it easier (it is already easy) and get more out of your search, we are going to talk about some tips and tricks

Check Calendar Reminders and Events

Google nowadays has evolved from just a basic search engine. It powers your smartphones ( Android) with its army of first-party apps like calendar, Gmail, Drive. Now you can look into your calendar and find the upcoming events and meetings for you from the search bar only. Just input a query like “what is my plan for” or “my plan for” and it will list the events (if any) for the mentioned date and time.


The “timer” command will allow you to set a timer using Google. It’s a trick and can be surprisingly useful in various situations, for ex. A mock exam, or dividing your time between various tasks, etc. To use it type “timer” or “set timer” to bring up an online timer, wherein you can set time and start it off.

The minus sign

When you search up a word with more than one meaning, you’ll want to eliminate specific results with specific links that aren’t of interest to you. Next time figure out what terms you’re not interested in (e.g. Jaguar -car) and re-run the search.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool for you to see what others are searching in any country. It is a great tool for people like bloggers to get ideas. You can even filter the trends by choosing a specific category. Click on a trend to see more information about it such as interest over time, interest by region, trending queries and much more.

“ Vs.”

Too often you can’t decide between two foods like “Pizza” or “Sandwich” to have? Simply type in “Brown Rice vs quinoa,” as an ex, and you will see side-by-side comparisons of the nutritional facts for both pieces of food.

Earthquake Updates

Type in “Earthquake” and Google will show information regarding any recent earthquakes that have happened anywhere in the world. This is the result of Google’s attempt to not only collect data but also make it presentable in a usable way for the rest of the people.

Info about famous Personalities

This one you might be knowing. Google can list public information about celebrities and personalities. You’re just literally just a search away from learning something that you didn’t know about your favourite celebrity. For example, “age Amitabh Bachchan” shows the age of Amitabh Bachchan.

Newspaper Archives

You might not know this, but Google can give you access to digitized news content of over last several years. It has scanned and digitized the old printed newspapers in an attempt to have the content easily accessible to the Internet users. For example: “ Mercedes” will search for an article from scanned copies on the topic ‘Mercedes.’


Google helps you find songs by your favorite singer or movie if you ask nicely (I am kidding). It can list all the songs, and you can click it to go to its YouTube links and additional information. Type in “songs by Pritam” to bring up all the songs sung by Pritam, and “Sanju songs” will give all the songs.


This is one of the fun features built into the search options. Just type in ‘Tilt’ and see what happens.

Variable Phrase Searching

Sometimes you don’t remember the whole phase. Well, searching a phrase with an asterisk in the place of a word will give all variations of that phrase. It’s helpful in situations like guessing a song from its lyrics, but without a complete phase.

Flight Status and Inquiry

Typing in “flight” will get you the latest flight status given by flight code or number. This can be used to get a list of flights from one place to another along with prices. For example: “flight BA1491” gives flight status to British Airways Flight 1491, or “flight Delhi to Paris” will give you the flights for travel from Delhi to Paris.

Website Keywords

You may think of it as a function to search only a specific website. For instance, if you want to see every time techbleez mentioned Google, use the search “Google”.

Origin of Words

The keyword “etymology” lets you find the origins of a given word. I know it sounds like stuff that you won’t need on a regular basis but it can come in handy more than you think. For instance: “etymology: bread” gets you the origins of the word ‘bread’.

Advanced Search

The one to rule all others. This combines almost all of Google’s search tricks, features and search tools on one page. You can search using different types of file types, usage rights, region, safe search. Advanced search can be accessed by clicking on Settings > Advanced search or by typing “”.

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