6 Best Way to Get Real Instagram Followers for your business

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What you might have noticed over the past couple of years is that Instagram has quickly outgrown the first impression as a fun app for the kids and now has become a serious marketing arena for the contents, to sell, network and build audience for the brands and individuals. It happens to be one of the most popular forms of social networking sites with over 800M active monthly users sharing millions and billions of images, likes, and videos, on a daily basis. This is just how awesome it might have been.

Engagement rates for the said brands on most of the social networks are lesser than 0.1% but the IG will blow them all away. The average form of the IG engagement rate for the brands was epic 58 times more than what you get on FB. You cannot just argue with the numbers. It is just the average. But you have to be way above the average link and much more than that. So, heading for the best response will suits you better. You can always try growing the Instagram followers over here but after checking out some points to it as well.

1. Just cross-promote the dedicated hashtags:

It is nice that you have created a hashtag for the company but who really know ways to use it for sharing content associated with you?

  • Always be sure that it is in the profile but make sure to take this game offline and have it well printed on receipts, signage in store, print ads and at some of the relevant events.
  • In case, you are on TV and radio, you can always direct people to just use hashtags.
  • Try to integrate online and even some of the offline campaigns by just ensuring it is well listed on some of the other social profiles, on website and even in email blasts. If you think that people will find you just like that then you are wrong.

2. You can always get creative with hashtags:

Whenever the matter is associated with the Instagram caption ideas, then you might have to just look beyond one-word and some of the obvious hashtags. It is true that you might want to use them but try to mix it up and just using hashtags to tell a proper story.

  • Always try to be ironic, funny and even outrageous but avoid being anything but boring.
  • For example, you can check out WeWork, the collaborative workspace company, which is just great at this and will include a fun-filled mix of the IG content.

Instagram Followers

3. Be sure to be part of the popular conversations:

For every post made, you can always use a proper mix of relevant hashtags. For example, the #woodworking can go great with the carpentry company. Other than that, the market houses some of the super popular and trendy hashtags to be used whenever you ever wanted to.

  • The specified hashtags are mostly the long tail ones with keywords. Here, the user gets to show some more intent and just help in finding the correct people.
  • Some of them might be using some of the universally trending hashtags like the #photooftheday, #tbt and more just to get in line with some of the best people in general.

You have to try making it big on the social network and even noisy on Instagram. For that, trying to participate in some of the massively popular content will work its way out just great.

4. Be sure to make most of the bio URL:

Your source is mainly associated with the real estate on the IG profile. So, do you really want your bio to be having only link to the website homepage, now and always? It is nothing but simply boring, to say the least. You have to work your way out and change it by around bi-weekly and use that same clickable link in the bio for driving traffic to new or some of the most popular content.

5. Be sure to be descriptive with the said captions:

Even though pictures are important but you cannot skip the words completely. If you ever check out National Geography, you will see that those talented people are great at storytelling alongside their IG photos, just for generating more sharing and engagement.

  • Even while the traditional media brands have dropped just like flies, the National Geography is still booming across digital media and has become one of the major brands on IG with over 50M followers, to say the least!
  • Just like any other IG hacks as added so far in the list, this point is something that you easily want to commit to totally into strategy right over time. So, you just don’t have to worry if it feels really weird at first but your writing will get to improve as you catch up with the IG voice of the brand.

6. Head towards influencer marketing will all force that you have:

Make sure to visit the profile of every person that you have identified as influencer in space and just turn their post notifications to be notified every time when they get to share some new content. If you want, you can easily interact with them on a regular basis and become one of their favorite brands or people, you never know! But the task is not that simple and you have to work your way out for long hard hours to get what you always wanted, and that is a bit of fame.

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These are few of the many more ways in which you are likely to get more of the Instagram followers just like you have anticipated. There are so many more available in the market out there and you just have to go for it from the initial stages only. Just be sure to know more about the platform first.


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