Top 10 Trending Tech Skills in 2018

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The world around us moves at a breakneck pace. So it is natural to assume that the skills in demand change every few years. The skills that companies look for were very different a few years back. So we discuss the top 10 trending tech skills to have in 2018.

1) Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Bet you saw this one coming. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are arguably one of the most exciting fields going into the future. This makes it one of the best skill sets to add to your resume. From Google Assistant and Cortana to in-app chatbots to self-driving cars, there are tons of uses of this technology. The demand for machine learning experts would only continue to grow from here. BN Thammaiah, Managing Director at Kelly Services India, said “We expect a 60% increase in demand for AI and machine learning specialists in 2018,”
The beautiful thing about machine learning is that it has applications in virtually every industry, including transport, medicine, education. Meaning? For you, the opportunities are near endless. You can devote your machine learning expertise to a field that suits you.

2) Mobile App Developer

If you weren’t living under a rock, you would know that smartphones are an integral part of our daily lives. It is the apps on our phones that make it possible. If we talk numbers, the total revenues from mobile apps are to reach an estimated $99 billion by 2019. This all means that companies have realised that to stay relevant they don’t just need websites; they need mobile apps. The mobile development skill set also contains a unique perk that if you can build them for others, you can develop and sell your own as well–making this an ideal career path for aspiring entrepreneurs.
One exciting direction that apps are headed is augmented reality. Apps like Ingress and pokemon Go engage the users with the real world, Blending reality and technology seamlessly.

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3) IoT (Internet of Things)

The IoT industry fast becoming the backbone of customer value. Adoption of intelligent virtual agents like Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple’s Siri is on the rise. While some time ago home speakers were a novelty, but nowadays not so much. This is true not just for smart speakers, but other stuff also like connected thermostats, security cameras and much more. IoT is connecting many independent devices and creating a network where everything works via a single monitoring center.


IoT is a massive network of connected devices – all of which share data about the way they are used and the surroundings in which they are operated. This has given businesses a new tool to gain insights regarding customer behavior. So naturally, companies will prefer someone with a strong base in IoT applications.

4) Data Science

At its core, Data Science is a series of automated methods to manage and make sense out of a significant amount of data. Data Science is a vast field which includes various topics like Computer Science, Stats, Applied Mathematics. Thus, it can be safely concluded that Data Science can convert an enormous amount of unstructured and unorganized data, into useful pieces of information.

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5) Data Visualization

This one is a more of a bridging skill. Data visualization is a medium to help people better understand the importance of data by placing it in a visual context, ie, turning reports graphs or charts that can be easily translated).
We should think of this career as a bridge between the technical and non-technical stuff. You will be taking data collected by the analysts and transforming it in a way that anyone can understand.

Data visualisation- techbleez
The skill is in demand as employers can quickly make sense out of large amounts of data to drive their business decisions. For example, predicting sales volume, identify areas for business improvement, identifying business trends and much more.

6) Seo/Sem Marketing

With thousands of choices for users. Companies are eager for people with good digital marketing skills to improve their company’s web visibility. This tech skill is in demand for an apparent reason: more people visiting your website means more customers and more revenue. If you are more the data-centric person, SEO/SEM may be a better fit, since that role involves constant testing and experimenting to see what works and make the necessary changes based on observations.

Digital marketing is one of those skills that can benefit you much if you decide to start your own business. You can leverage the SEO skills to market yourself better, find freelancing clients, start a blog, and slowly build a brand.

7) Network Security (Cyber Security)

For any company that collects customer information (Which is basically every company these days) or has sensitive information of its own, network security is paramount. But, when data breaches do happen, they can be significant, ugly and can cost the company a fortune to recover from. 2017 was not new to the disasters of cybersecurity. The companies that were hacked in the past include Sony, LinkedIn etc.

Cyber Security- Techbleez
These situations make it crystal clear just how crucial it is for companies to keep their network security standards up to date. That makes cybersecurity one of the tech skills to have in 2018. Unfortunately for the companies, there is a shortage of good Network security specialists and lucky for you that there is a shortage of good Network security specialists

8) UI/UX designer

While these two are technically in the same family, UI and UX are two different things. UI (user interface) specialists design interfaces to be visually appealing and comfortable for the user to navigate for various websites and apps. On the other hand, UX (user experience) specialists do a great deal of testing and research to consider how a new user will interact with the company and website. He/She coordinates with UI designers and Developers. This type of career is best for those who prefer an analytical job but with a hint of creativity.

UI/UX developer skills-techbleez
Ultimately, the UI job is better for those who like to focus on the visuals and general look and feel of a website or a product. UX is better for the analytical mind that wants to help the company meets it’s user’s needs with minimal difficulty.


9) Software Developer

This is one of the most significant industries and one of the safest bets that it is not going anywhere as software demands continue to grow everywhere. There have been advancements in the field recently. Unlike the past, where your preferred programming language dictated the limit to what you can do. Now with new things like React Native you can build anything on any platform. The primary point being you can learn to program and do anything.
Being the broadest field, it will allow you to gain fundamental knowledge so you can take in any new and trending technologies like machine learning, blockchain development, or any upcoming future tech trends, and not feel confused and overwhelmed.

10) Blockchain Developer

This is an exciting field that has been growing like crazy this year and will continue to do in coming years. With platforms like Ethereum taking the lead, more and more businesses and companies need skilled developers who understand the concept of the blockchain, smart contracts, and can develop decentralized applications. The market is still pretty young, and experienced developers are rare. So if you can master it, the sky is the limit for you in this field.
The only possible downside is that because the field is young things move at a pretty fast pace and technology is always changing. So you will have to work hard to stay at the top to remain relevant.


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