11 WordPress Plugins That Integrate AI and Machine Learning on Your Website [Updated 2019]

10 wordpress plugins that integrate AI and machine learning in WordPress
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are slowly entering our lives! AI is popular everywhere and if you are planning to implement AI and machine learning on your WordPress website, then we are here to help you. Today, we are going to discuss WordPress plugins that use AI and machine learning techniques that offers advanced features and made your life easy.

What is Artificial Intelligence

It is also known as Machine Intelligence. AI is the technique which gives the machine the ability to make choices without human intervention. AI can make decisions based on programmed intelligence. There are two main types of Artificial Intelligence.
Narrow AI
This is also known as Weak AI. This AI focuses on narrow tasks.

General AI
Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a technique which enables a machine to perform any given task that a human can do!

What is Machine Learning

It is the application of artificial intelligence so that the machines can learn from data and experiences and improves their functionalities. Machine learning is nothing but a subset of AI that enables the machine to learn from given data without using the programme explicitly.

10 WordPress plugins that integrate AI and machine learning in WordPress

With AI and machine learning features, your website will become smarter and user-friendly. It will also save your time and allows you to focus on other important aspects of your website.


1. WordLift

It integrates their web services to your WordPress site. WordLift offers SEO tips to improve the content of your website. The plugin helps you to boost your traffic, page views and conversion rates!


  • WordLift helps you with their knowledge graph.
  • It analyzes your web content to offer some relevant facts and figures.
  • Use AI to process human language in order to improve your website content.
  • The plugin aims to make content compatible with Schema markup. This will improve indexability and SEO.

Download Wordlift WordPress plugins

2. Akismet

It is one of the plugins that come pre-installed on a WordPress website. Akismet uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to detect spammy comments.


  • A tool that not only detects but also removes spam comments from your site.
  • It uses AI and machine learning in order to filter spam comments.
  • A good WordPress plugin to maintain the security of your website.

Download Akismet WordPress Plugins

3. Aimojo

It is a redesign of an earlier WordPress plugin known as Affinities. This new version is faster than the earlier one. The plugin implements new taxonomies that increase the contextual value of your website.


  • Organize your content in a better way.
  • Boosts your website’s SEO.
  • It improves the visibility and conversion rates of your site.

Download Aimojo WordPress Plugin

4. After the Deadline

Previously available as standalone WordPress plugin, this plugin is now a part of Jetpack. After the Deadline plugin provides AI-driven contextual grammar check.


  • Finds errors and offers smart suggestions to improve your content.
  • After installing the plugin, you just need to switch it on in the WordPress editor. The plugin will show spelling errors, grammar mistakes and much more!
  • Improves the readability of your content.
  • It is also available as a Google Chrome addon.

Download After the Deadline WordPress plugin

5. MyCurator Content Creation

It is a cloud-based AI-driven content curation tool. MyCurator plugin helps you discover interesting content in your niche and sort content according to its relevance.


  • It aims to offers only what is interesting to you.
  • By upvoting and downvoting web-based content, you can further improve the results.
  • You can manually add pieces of the article.

Download MyCurator Content Creation WordPress plugin

6. Watsonfinds

The plugin uses IBM Watson’s cognitive AI tool to analyze the sentiment of your content. This provides you with the insights on how to improve user engagement by adjusting the emotional value of your article.


  • After activating the plugin, it adds a Watson finds the icon to your WordPress post editor. Click on the icon and a popup with your content’s emotional score appears.
  • The plugin shows you how your content is received by your human readers.
  • Helps you find the tone of your posts and pages.

Download Watsonfinds WordPress Plugin

7. Quttera

It is a malware scanner. Quttera can run scans for trojans, backdoors, viruses, spyware, and other digital pests. The plugin uses a machine learning technique to recognize threats and other vulnerabilities in the real-time scenario!


  • It uses cloud technology and AI.
  • If your website has landed on Google’s blacklist, then this plugin can help you find out the reason. It will also help you to take appropriate remedial steps.

Download Quttera WordPress plugin

8. Wp Live Chat Support

Want 24/7 technical support? Live Chat 24/7 provides AI based virtual chat bot for your website. A bot can perform tasks like pointing your users in the right direction and assisting them.


  • Sign up for a free account on the plugin’s website and start using it. You can also train bot what to say and how to communicate with your users.
  • The bot automatically builds a knowledge base. t can also solve your customer’s queries.
  • Finally, the bot can observe and learn from your communication with users and improve over time!

Download WP Live Chat Support WordPress Plugin

9. Woocommerce Darwin price integration

It allows you to integrate the Darwin Pricing software into your WooCommerce plugin. What the advantage? You can run geo-targeted sales campaigns and artificial intelligence to deliver effective discounts.


  • The software collects pricing data about your competition and uses AI tool to find the optimal discount.
  • The plugin also uses machine learning to collect relevant information about your market.
  • It works in a real-time scenario.

Download Woocommerce Darwin price integration WordPress Plugin

10. Recomendo

Another artificial intelligence based plugin. It is a recommendation engine with machine-learning features. It can display related content on your site.


  • The recommendations get better over time based on how your users respond.
  • Compatible with multilingual websites.
  • It can show related products to users based on their previous search.

Download Recomendo WordPress Plugin

11. MobileMonkey WP-Chatbot

If you want to add facebook messenger chat in your website then WP-Chatbot will be best. WP-Chatbot is a WordPress plugin, Which makes easy to add, Customize – Facebook Messenger in Web Applications.



  • Add Messenger Customer Chat in Web Applications
  • Change Messenger Theme Color
  • Greetings message for logged in users
  • Greetings message for logged out users
  • Greetings Dialog Display
  • Greetings Dialog Delay
  • Set Messenger Language.
  • Hide Messenger based on post type, post id, category’s, Device Type.

Download MobileMonkey WP-Chatbot Plugin

We hope you enjoyed the article. Which one is your favorite WordPress plugin with AI and machine learning capabilities!

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