6 Things You Should Know before Choosing Any Web Hosting Plan

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6 Things You Should Know before Choosing Any Web Hosting Plan

Now the website has become very common and essentials for all businesses, persons, photographers etc to increase their online presence. The website has two basic things which help any website to become online. First is the domain name and another is hosting. Domain name is nothing but the web address for your business and hosting is servers where your website’s files are stored.

Hosting is main things which help any website to be online 24/7. If your hosting service is not as much as good then your website may go down for some time and this is not good for any website. There are plenty of web hosting company who promise you like 24/7 technical support, 99.9% uptime, unlimited storage, and bandwidth etc. But still, there are lots of other factors which helps your website go down.

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So, here are top 10 things you should know before choosing any web hosting company.

 1. Physical Memory

All web hosting company highlights their unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth but no one tells you about their servers physicals memory, The server’s physical memory is one of the important factors to measure that how much traffics a server can handle at a particular time. If your server’s memory is low then your website may go down for a while if you get high amount of traffic at a time.

Before buying web hosting plan you should ask about server’s physical memory information to their customer support if you not find any information on the website.


This is the most important feature you need to consider while purchasing web hosting plan. Imagine what will happen if all your web articles, posts, and other data will be deleted as a result of some accidents. Most service providers try to make their facilities highly reliable, but there are no plans for accidents.

Most of the hosting provider will give you automatic backup features daily or weekly but you should know what to do from your perspective.

Web hosting

3. Technical Support

It is also one of the important feature about your web hosting company. Imagine your website go down and you don’t have any technical knowledge about how to fix it and technical support of your hosting provider will give response after 24 hours then how would you feel.

You should check there is 24/7 toll-free number available or not and how they much time they took to respond your query.

4. Email Features

There is always a plus point of using your domain email address to communicate your users instead of using third party email service like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Using webmail ensure about the truthiness of your mail.

You need to make sure that the email service you choose with your hosting comes with important features such as spam control, time travel, etc. For example, many providers provide unlimited email forwarding and auto-response service. Asking before the provider is always a wise decision.

5.Renewal Cost

Some hosting company gives lots of discounts for their new users but when you are going to renew your existing hosting plan then they will not give any discount. So before choosing any hosting plan, you should consider these factor carefully and check their renewal cost is not so expensive. Although you can change or move your website from one hosting company to another after the end of your plan but for moving of website from one hosting company to another requires some technical knowledge.

6.Refund Policy

Some time the shared hosting plan is not performed as good as they specified in the plan because there are numbers of websites hosted on one server and if one of the websites among them is getting high traffic then server slows down the all websites that hosted on their server. In that case, you need your refund because you are not getting performance that you expected. The maximum website gives 14 days refund policy but there are some hosting company who provides 45 days refund policy.





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