Top 10 reasons why to avoid free Webhosting

Top 10 Reasons to avoid free webhosting
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We all love free stuff, don’t we? Cashback offer, discount, sale etc still excites us. But sometimes we end up compromising on the quality of the product just because it is free! This shouldn’t be the case when it comes to Webhosting.

What is Webhosting

If you are a blogger or a web developer or if you are planning to own a website then you must have heard about Webhosting. Starting with a website requires few steps:

  • Register a domain name for your website.
  • Buy a hosting space.

Webhosting is a technical service provided by a web host for your website. These services will help users to look for your website on the Internet.

Though there are many free weblog platforms for you like Blogger, But free platforms comes with limitations therefore, a professional approach would be to move to self-hosted platforms like

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Problems with Free Webhosting

All free web hosting platforms are for promoting their premium plans! I know, we are all accustomed to freebies but it is the time to change your mind.

1. No Reliability

Free things comes with their own drawbacks. For instance, everything is going fine with your website and free host, you keep updating your website, put efforts and start building client and fame. And then suddenly, you get a notice from your Free Webhosting company they are closing your website. What are you going to do? Free web hosting providers can also close their free services anytime. (They will inform you before closing their services.)
In such a situation you will have to move your website to another web host. In case when they closing only new registrations, and keep old hosted domains safe, you can redirect your links to the new domain. In the worst case, if they close their service completely, you can’t even redirect your links!

2. No Ownership

When you don’t own your website, you have no rights or control over it. The company can close your website anytime! And you can’t do anything about it. You don’t have any control over your blog server. Free web hosting server cannot handle the large traffic! Therefore, free web hosting servers limit your options!
And if you carefully read the Terms and conditions, you will come to know that the company can delete your content anytime! If you don’t want your efforts to go in vain, then void free web hosting!

3. No Security

Top 10 Reasons to avoid free webhosting

Never underestimate a determination of a hacker!
Free web hosting serves are vulnerable. Many free hosting servers were hacked and your security is at stake! I am sure, you do not want your data or website to be unsafe at any point in time!

4. You cannot sell your blog

Why? Because your free hosted website/blog is not owned by you! The company owns your website. So, technically, you cannot sell your blog/website!
And even if you want to try this out secretly, you can but if the company comes to know about it then your blog will be closed and it will be removed from Google search index! Hard to believe?

5. Limited Storage

Bu now, you already know that free hosting servers have their own limitations and this one is a deal breaker! You get limited storage features in a free plan. But if you are ready to pay then you can get some extra storage!

6. Advertising

Your web host company will place Ads on your web pages and you won’t be paid for it! With a self-hosted platform, you can at least make some money from Ads.
Another drawback of using free web hosting is, you have no control over what kind of Ads you want. Even if you want to change the look of Ads on your website, you cannot do that!

7. Search Engines

Another deal breaker! When we start with our website, we want our website to rank good on search engines. And we spend lots of time and money on SEO. But what if I tell you that Search engines don’t like free hosted websites.
Kind of heartbreaking, right?

8. Lack of Support

If you are investing your time and effort on something, you need a return favor. What if, just out of blue, your website is not working? What are you going to do? You have no coding skills, you are just a beginner and this kind of situation will get on your nerves.
You need technical support and sorry to say, free hosting services lack support. If you own a website or have a paid host, you get good support and reliability. But with a free host, you and you are with your problem! They don’t have a good reputation for speed and availability. They tend to shut down more often!

9. Lack of functionality

With free host, you have limited options to try. Limited themes, limited functionality, limited customization! You cannot add or configure things to a great extent. Your creativity is lost somewhere!
Users like well-organized websites with great design and functionality and if you lack these features, then you are going to lose your potential viewers.

10. No credits

People often compare free stuff with quality! When you are hosting your website on a free platform, you are telling the world that you do not own this. A free hosting platform will take away all of your credits. Search engines are not very fond of free hosted websites neither were the visitors!

I know you want to keep things in your budget but sometimes it is important to upgrade. If you are serious about blogging, then you must understand why it is important to have a good hosting provider that gives you 24/7 support!

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