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If you don’t live under a rock, you would know that Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. There are various reasons for that. Today we are going to talk about one of them: Extensions. Extensions are additional pieces of codes written in web languages like HTML, Javascript, and CSS and they provide chrome with some additional capabilities. Extensions are like the trump card for Chrome and give it an edge over the other browsers. Some of the competition is also starting to add extensions like Microsoft Edge.
Today we would be discussing 20 of the best extensions you can get from the web store to make your chrome browsing little bit simpler and better.

1. AdBlock Plus

Was there ever any doubt that AdBlocker would be our first choice. Probably the most used extension on the list. Adblocker saves you from the annoying ads that seem to be everywhere on the web. One downside is that some websites would temporarily block you from their site until you whitelist them on the extension for showing ads.

2. MailTrack

One of the things that Whatsapp made famous was the blue colored double tick mark. It signifies that the other party read your message. Mail Track brings that tick mark feature to your email client. It lets you know that whether your mail has been read or not. I am sure we all use email a lot especially professionals, so MailTrack is one to use.

3. Momentum

Sometimes to get something done and be productive all you need is a reminder and some motivation. Momentum is an extension with which you can create a configurable new tab, which will give you a moment of calm and inspire you. The extension will automatically update the new tab’s background with a beautiful picture and an inspiring quote. It even allows you to enter your daily focus and to-do list which is then visible on the new tab.

4. PushBullet

The reason why people love macOS and Ios so much is that everything is synced across devices beautifully. However, there is no such thing on android. This is the reason Push bullet is such a unique extension. It allows you to reply to messages, chat on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, Share links, see notifications and much more. It is like you have an Android device right on your desktop.

5. TunnelBear VPN

A way that many people use to protect their privacy while being on the Internet is by using a VPN. A VPN allows you to browse the internet by using a virtual or proxy IP address and saves your browsing data from getting tracked. VPN also has the advantage of unlocking region-based content for you ( won’t work on Netflix though). While there are a ton of VPNs out in the market. If you value your privacy and want the best VPN experience, you should try TunnelBear service is the way to go. It is a paid service ( the free version comes with 500Mb), you won’t hesitate after working it.

6. Better History

Better History augments the history section of the chrome browser. While the default history tab gives you a vertical timeline. Better History expands it with a horizontal calendar for easy navigation to specific dates and also special hours. In addition to it, it also gives you search options regarding pages titles, domain or within a page itself.

7. DuckDuckGo

In recent times DuckDuckGo has become popular an alternative search engine to Google (Sorry Bing) as it promises users it won’t track any of their data. The service has now launched its chrome. DuckDuckGo also gives a privacy score to each website and even has encryption to improve a website’s privacy grade forcibly. Lastly, the extension doesn’t store any user data.

8. Loom

Loom is a screen recorder for Chrome. It allows for recording of your window with a single click and also gives you links to share after the record is complete.

9. Grammarly

If you spend a lot of time on your laptops, then you probably write a ton of things (coders not applicable) and as we all know English is a funny language. So you might commit grammatical mistakes without even realising it. So enter Grammarly. Grammarly uses its underlying technology to identify grammatical errors in your writing which could be missed by the word processor. The best part is that Grammarly suggests the changes in real time.

10. Evernote Web Clipper

This extension is more like Robin to the Batman ( Evernote App). The extension is best utilised as a research tool. Web Clipper helps you save articles, bookmarks and take screenshots to add to your notes. It can also serve as a read it later service as it can keep the entire article offline for your reading. If you use Evernote app, this extension is a no-brainer.

11. Dark Reader

Does everyone love dark mode (not dark side) right? Well, if you are one of those people who likes a dark theme Dark Reader won’t disappoint. Dark Reader can bring dark mode to all of the internet. Whenever you are on a website, and you want to use dark mode, click the icon, and the extension will apply the dark theme to the site. The extension also gives you granular control over settings like brightness, contrast, font settings, and more.

12. Stay Focused

Today many people have jobs that make them sit all day in front of a computer. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many e-commerce websites in this world, you can get distracted pretty else. Well, we can’t have that do we. Stay Focused is explicitly designed to help you avoid these distractions. The extension allows you to set time restrictions on a specific website with 10 minutes being the lowest.

13. Quick Note

Quick Note is one of the more straightforward extensions on the list. But you should not confuse that for lack of functionality. It provides you with a blank notepad on the sidebar every time you want to jot down something when you are browsing the net. The notes are also saved in the cloud for later use.

14. InVideo for YouTube

InVideo is a nifty little extension for enhancing the video watching experience. The extensions allow you to search within the video by going through the subtitles and essentially making it searchable. So, the next time you want to watch a specific part of a video ( like maybe a tutorial) but don’t know where it begins you know what to do.

15. Privacy Badger

Privacy is a debatable topic right now. Badger is An extension which protects your online privacy. It blocks ads and trackers and makes sure that companies won’t track the browsing without your approval. This is one of the most significant problems browsing today as they follow your browsing to generate information about you to deliver ads.

16. Honey

Every single one of us has been annoyed by promotional emails from online retailers at some point in time even if they contain some discount coupons. Honey eliminates that annoyance by pulling up discount codes at the press of a button, so you no longer have to go through emails. You need to click the honey button when you are at checkout, and a list of codes will appear for your use.

17. Tab Wrangler

When you are working on something, you can sometimes open up a lot of tabs without knowing. After which it gets pretty messy and confusing. Tab Wrangler takes care of it by just closing the tabs that you are not using after a certain period. If you want to access the closed tabs, you can click on the tab wrangler icon to see a list of closed tabs. One thing though, Tab wrangler won’t close pinned tabs.

18. Google Dictionary

I know that if you don’t know the meaning of something you google it. It just takes seconds. However, there is something even quicker than that “Google Dictionary”. Instead of opening a new tab every time you want to search the dictionary, highlight the word click the little dictionary icon that appears next to the browser’s URL field. You can even use it to search for something even when nothing is selected.


19. LastPass: Free Password Manager

Remembering passwords for all your online accounts is a real tough job especially when you try to make them as unique or bizarre as much as possible. Well, LastPass has you covered. LastPass provides you with a space to store all your login credentials. As a bonus, it can also generate passwords each time you create you create a new account. LastPass will also ask you if you would like it to remember specific login information the next time you visit a specific website.

20. Data Saver

Data compression is not a new thing. It is very tempting if you are not on free Wi-Fi. Nowadays companies like Opera is building it straight into their browsers. Now, chrome also has that feature thanks to Data Saver. Data Saver uses the might Google’s servers to process and compresses the website data before displaying it. Thus, saving your precious data for you. Users can also track how much data they are using and saving over different time periods. Overall a nice little addition to your browser.

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