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Starting from Windows 98 to Windows 10, Microsoft has dealt with buck loads of designing flaws, user integrity problems, and interface troubles. Though Windows 10 looks much more of a solid built than the disastrous Windows Vista and Windows 8, it still needs further enhancements.

Windows 10, no doubt, has taken the step in the right direction with racking up 33% of computer users under its wide umbrella; we take a look at few applications that may provide a sweet stay for Windows 10 occupants.



One of the most sought after visual customisation application, Clover works hand-in-hand with Windows 10 for an enriching display of the Windows Explorer. As the application is specially integrated and designed for Windows 10, users won’t experience any sort of visual glitches or performance abnormality.

Alternative app: Qttabbar

Download from:



Often, when we try installing a new software or application some sneaky add-on features are sneakily installed along with it like adding a toolbar or changing the browser’s look. Although most of such “advertised” add-ons are possibly harmless and are easy to revert, there may be some programs which may corrupt the system by indulging a malware or two.

Unchecky keeps a track on such installations and notifies the user whenever an attempt of such installations is made. This application comes in very handy and masks our systems from potential threats.

Download from:



Ditto is a simple and compact application that acts as a clipboard manager. It saves all the copied items (text) within its directory as History which can later be searched and recopied (and pasted) if necessary.

Additional features of Ditto: 

  • sync clipboards of two different PCs.
  • a stats meter.
  • keyboard shortcuts.

Download from:



One of biggest flaws of the Windows 10 built is its Search option. Users have often complained about not obtaining the desired results and thus having to resort to Web Search through Bing (sighs).

Although a few tweaks can repair the Search to an extent, it is advisable to download and install the Everything Search application. Not only does it have an amazing response time but also provides with near 100% accurate results.

Additional features of Everything Search:

  • an external FTP server
  • exclude specific folders from search
  • search a remote PC over the web

Download from:

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It is a known fact that Windows doesn’t have a download manager by default and thus JDOWNLOADER 2 comes into play. It is very much similar to Internet Download Manager (IDM) in function but the brighter side is that it is free of cost and is an Open Source Software (yayy!).

Additional features of JDownloader 2:

  • Supports additional plugins.
  • Automation through JavaScript.

Download from:



All of us have at one time or other experienced the trouble of disk-hogging. More often than not we find our storage clogged with files that we didn’t even download. Although, Windows 10 has a default Storage Sense feature that tracks such abnormalities in storage and frees up space by deleting unused files at times, but it doesn’t account for individual folders and sub-folders.

Using Treesize, users can keep track of such individual files easily. Treesize also offers plenty of customization options and a user-friendly interface.

Download from:



AnyDesk enables users to gain solutions for certain problems by establishing a remote connection to a computer. Though Windows Remote Desktop option is way better and efficient, it is only available in the Pro edition of Windows.

AnyDesk is easy to use and doesn’t require any manipulations with the IPs and host-names, unlike Windows Remote Desktop. It is also available on Android, iOS, and Linux.

Download from:



The Control Panel doesn’t always provide with minute details of the hardware components of your system and which is, trust me, a big heck of required knowledge in today’s era of heavy gaming duties.

Speccy provides users with the smallest of information about the hardware parts of the system as well as the critical temperatures of the components.

Download from:



Though, most of the users trust OneDrive, DropBox or Google Drive for services related to cloud services, the young gun ODrive can give these biggies a run for their money.

Built with a sleek design and an easy-to-control approach, ODrive provides over 20 cloud storage services and allows a steady and uniform access control over the flow of information from one remote location to another.

Download from:



Agreed that taking a screenshot on Windows is easy as hell with the ⊞ + prt scr option but ShareX is much more than just a third party application for taking screenshots.

ShareX offers a dozen of watermark and editing options with the added feature of generating a URL and uploading it directly to Google Drive or Imgur.

Download from:


smooth video playback

Smooth Video Playback provides video enthusiasts with an optimized playback and enriching color-depth. It converts all videos to 60 fps in real time which enhances video performance and ensures a smooth streaming.

Download from:


x-mouse button control

X-Mouse Button Control or popularly known as XMBC works intricately with Hot Key to customize the actions of the mouse for each application on your system.

Users can set customized functions for each mouse button and the mouse wheel independently for any application. XMBC lets you set up to 10 layers of functions for each app.

Download from:



With CCleaner gone rogue a couple of years ago, users have turned heavily towards BeachBit. This application works towards the minimization of junk files and the effective performance of the system.

BleachBit frees up important memory space by deleting old (unused for a long time) files and temporary (temp) files and acts as a clean-up tool for the disk.

Download from:



Sizer, too, works effectively with Hot Key to customisably size the layout for various application windows.

Download from:



Teracopy provides an impressive speed while copying large fragments of data items. The speed range varies from 70 Mbps to 80 Mbps depending upon file type, size, network connectivity, etc.

Download from:

16. VLC Media Player

vlc media player

The undisputed King of optimized video playbacks, VLC Media Player or commonly known as VLC is way more than just an ordinary video player. It supports a ton of plugins that allows users to customize the player in any way they want. VLC’s pro list is never ending and so is the list of its admirers.

Download from:

17. WinRAR


Similar to 7Zip, WinRAR helps in extracting .rar and .zip files.

Download from:

18. Daemon Tools

Daemon tools

Daemon Tools converts .iso file types by creating a virtual drive and can also backup physical drives by creating “images” of such disks/drives.

Download from:

19. Google Chrome

Google chrome

Windows 10’s default browser is all new Microsoft Edge and although it has undergone a lot of modifications and updates and is a more stable browser than its predecessor Internet Explorer, it still has to travel miles to become the best browser available.

A wiser choice would be Google Chrome which suits to mostly all needs a user can have; ranging from ccustomizedlayouts to additional plugin options.

Download from:

20. Recuva

Recuva helps in recovering lost data which are deleted from USB drives or Hard disks while they were connected to the system.

Download from:



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