10 reasons to avoid pirated WordPress themes and plugins

10 reasons why you should avoid pirated WordPress themes and plugins
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WordPress is the most popular blogging platform! It is an open source Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Though there are many WordPress themes and plugins be aware of nulled themes and plugins. One of the most daunting questions every blogger’s face is – why should we avoid pirated WordPress themes and plugins. Nulled copies are just pirated copies of Premium ones. In this article, we are going to discuss setbacks of using pirated copies. I hope at the end, you will be convinced why not to use pirated WordPress themes and plugins.

What are pirated WordPress themes and plugins

Pirated themes and plugins are nothing but the copies of premium WordPress themes and plugins. These nulled copies are distributed unethically on the web. This cause companies to lose money. Another drawback of using pirated WordPress themes and plugins is that it compromises the security and integrity of the websites. This is the only reason why websites are hacked!
If you are a tech-savvy, you can easily recognize pirated themes and plugins because of their poor design and copied description.

10 Reasons to avoid pirated WordPress themes and plugins

1. Security

Pirated WordPress themes and plugins are vulnerable to malware. If you are planning to boost your blogging career, then compromising your security is a bad idea! There are many ways in which malware can affect your WordPress website. This can also affect your visitors or redirect users to different sites.
The malicious code can spread to different files and affect your entire website. It can change your contents! And the worst thing is, you can also lose your site data! The search engine can also de-index your website.

2. SEO

SEO problem with pirated WordPress themes and plugins

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technical process which helps to improve your website visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The 2 major types of SEO are as follows:
On-page SEO
This includes activities which are carried out on the pages you want to publish online.
The activities include implementation of keywords, focusing on the quality of the content, working on image attributes, user-friendly website.
Off-page SEO
Activities carried out after the page is published online. These activities include back-linking, quality backlinks, social engagement etc.

Read about SEO

You would be surprised to know that nulled WordPress themes and plugins can destroy your website completely! It can add spam links to your website and affect your traffic! It can redirect users to bad websites and hack your users. These activities are hard to trace. Once your website is hacked, it is very difficult to recover data.

3. Support

Imagine when suddenly, just out of blue, your website stops working or there is some undefined error. What are you going to do? You need technical support. Many WordPress themes and p; plugins provided technical support. Many developers can also give you access to extensive documentation.
For a user, this kind of support is essential. But pirated themes and plugins lack this level of support. With pirated WordPress themes and plugins, you might have saved some money but there are high chances that you might lose more money because of serious issues.

4. Privacy

Nulled themes and plugins can have malicious code inside them that can steal your information. Your username, password, address etc can also be stolen! If you have an e-commerce website, then your users’ personal information is also at risk!

5. Updates

In order to have advanced functionalities and bug fixes, you need to update your themes, plugins or website. Outdated themes and plugins are responsible for security issues and can ruin your website.
If you are using pirated plugins and themes, you can go back to the website from where you downloaded them. But this process is a bit tedious. The more you download pirated files from these kinds of websites, the more you are at risk!

Why updates are important
Updates are important to keep your website safe, secure and up-to-date. You can also make money using secured website which has great flexibility and remarkable functionalities. Search engines love dynamic websites. Static websites rank lower than a dynamic website. Updating your website regularly demonstrate that your business is well organized and it creates a good impression on your clients. Updating your website will gain you new users and maintain your viewers.

6. Legal issues

Well, most of the WordPress themes and plugins are free, but there are few themes and plugins which have mixed license. That means some part of the code is protected by copyrights laws. And if you are using these pirated themes and plugins, then you might end up in big trouble! You might have to prepare yourself for legal proceedings.

7. Accessibility

Since WordPress is an open source software it is updated Read about SEO! Therefore, WordPress themes and plugins are updated regularly. This enables users to use new features and keep their website secure. If you used nulled products, you will not get automatic updates and you will not be able to access new features!

8. Opportunities

Even if cost is one of the factors of using pirated products, you have multiple free options. WordPress provides you with dozens of free themes and plugins which are as good as premium ones. Even premium WordPress themes have limited free version for users.

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9. Creativity

You know, developers spend much of time and efforts creating suitable themes and plugins for you. When you use pirated themes and plugins, you are actually discouraging talented developers. Downloading files from illegal websites hurt developer’s business and they tend to lose money! This kills creativity of the developers. When you copy things, you are not creating anything new.

10. Flexibility

You want your website to handle challenges. What if your traffic increases? Your site should be able to handle it.
Improper functionality is another reason why you must avoid nulled WordPress themes & plugins. While using nulled plugins and themes, you will realize that you are missing some important features that might improve your website’s flexibility.

I know it is very tempting to use free products. But you need to keep in mind that sometimes saving a penny can cause more damage! Using pirated WordPress themes and plugins, you might keep your security, your career at stake. I hope that this article has convinced you to avoid nulled WordPress themes and plugins.


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